Mastery Objective:  You will be able to search online databases and credible websites to locate and apply information about African countries to complete the project.  


***Use our databases to find historical, cultural and geographical information about the country you are researching

Username/Password for all our databases: lenapehs1

(1) Culture Grams

Excellent source for cultural, geographic and other information about countries (and the major cities!).

  • Enter username and password
  • Select CULTURE GRAMS --> select World Edition
  • Either click on the continent to find your country OR Use the drop-down menu at the top to find your country
  • Explore links on LEFT and RIGHT
  • LEFT: background, geography, climate, customs, lifestyle
  • RIGHT: Photo Gallery, Recipes
(2) Facts on File: World Geography & Culture 
Best source for maps and geographic information. 
  • Enter username and password
  • Search for a country
  • Find statistics about the country
  • Notice the links on RIGHT -- maps/flags, image gallery, further resources
(3) e-Books
  • Enter password.
  • Search for your city.
  • Find articles from our reference online books relating to your city



  • Select your country from list or use map or search box
  • Find information and images about the country


  • Scroll down to bottom of page and click on your country to get a full travel guide

Official Nation Sites

  • In GOOGLE, search for OFFICIAL TOURISM sites for the country ("name of your country official tourism")- many of these official tourist sites will give travel information and historical information as well as cultural information.
  • AVOID WIKIPEDIA -- Wikipedia is NOT a valid nor a credible source. Using it may give you FALSE and MISLEADING INFORMATION.

***Explore our MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATION TOOLS site for tips and guidelines for utilizing power point, prezi and additional presentation tools!



Created by Ms. Fauver & Ms. Gaffney for Mr. Tittermary's classes at Lenape High School. Last updated 11/19/2014 by Ms. Fauver.