The Western Carolina Botanical Club was founded in 1973 by a small group

of residents in Western North Carolina who wanted to learn about the plants of the
Southern Appalachian Mountains.
The mission of the Club is to study and identify native plants and their
habitats and to encourage members and the public to protect and
preserve the biodiversity of our natural world.
Membership includes:
  •   Weekly field trips
  •   Informative indoor winter programs
  •   Annual overnight trips to significant botanical areas
  •   Workshops
  •   Quarterly newsletter
  •   Community service projects
The Club encourages a botanical approach to the study of plants of

the southern mountains.  All levels of expertise, including beginners,
are welcome.

Individual/family dues are $15 a year with renewals on January first
of each year.  For new individuals/families joining during the period
July 1 – December 31, dues are $8 with renewal the following January

Additional information is available at our detailed web site at 

Contact information:
Email kborgfeldt@gmail.com or submit an application.