The Wilmington College Premedical Chapter of the American Medical Student Association (WC-AMSA) welcomes you to our recruiting site. Please proceed on to the Join Up! page to get yourself placed on our official memebership list. At this time, there are no dues for memebership in WC-AMSA, but the national organization does have dues of $75 for 5 years of membership at the Premedical level. We encourage you to join the national organization during the freshman year because it is the best financinal value. 
WC-AMSA serves the students of Wilmington College who aspire to careers in medicine or an allied health profession. The group is formally affiliated with the American Medical Student Association, the nation's largest organization of medical students. WC-AMSA provides opportunities for Wilmington College students to network with others, learn the ins and outs of the medical school admissions process and gain the kinds of service and leadership experiences that admissions committees value.

We stay in contact with each other mainly via our Facebook page and our Blogger page.
Don't forget to check out the Document Distribution Page. There is more contact infromation at Contact Us.