What is Art Goes to School? A non profit organization that began 50 years ago. West Chester AGTS belongs to the Delaware Valley AGTS, which includes over 50 other school districts. The organization provides prints to share with the schools to encourage art appreciation and abstract thought as it relates to history, math, foreign languages, literature and music.

A few great questions:
1. What did you notice first about this picture? 2. What is the most important color? 3. How is line (shape or pattern) important? 4. How are light & dark used in the picture? 5. How does the artist create dimension? 6. What mood does the picture create for you? 7. What do you think the artist is trying to say with this artwork? Do you appreciate this artwork more or less after discussing it? If you were to title this - what would the title be?

Children's Art Exhibit - Thursday, April 14, 2016

Art Show 2015

Martina Keogan and Deborah Swayer did a fantastic job organizing the Art Show. Thank you to all that helped make the Art Show a success. And thank you to all that contributed treats.
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Friday October 2, 2015 - The Barnes Exploration of Pictures and Word Program Featured Exhibit! STRENGTH AND SPLENDOR: WROUGHT IRON FROM THE MUSÉE LE SECQ DES TOURNELLES, 10:00 AM 2025 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Registration and Fee Required $20.00 per person 

Tuesday Nov 10, 2015 Networking Meeting, The Rhythm of Patterns: Connecting Art to the World around Us, 10:00 AM William Penn Inn Gwynedd, PA, Registration and Fee Required $10.00 per person 

Wednesday May 4, 2016, Brandywine River Museum, Museum led tour of American Art, Inclusive of the Wyeth family holdings. 10:00 AM 1 Hoffman’s Mill Rd Chaddsford, PA, Free access granted to the Museum after the lecture 

Monday June 6, 2016 Portfolio Exchange, 10:00 AM Keneseth Israel (KI) Elkins Park 

AGTS Positions
Chair: Alison 
Responsibilities: Composite, master e-mail list, AGTS Delaware Valley yearly forms, facilitate meetings, training schedule, updating webpage (or delegate), fill positions, problem solve.
Co-Chair: Martina
Responsibilities: Time presenters, ring bell when time is up, Discuss with Chair which responsibilities will be yours.
Scheduler: Jaan
Responsibilities: Work with art teachers to create a schedule, ensure that all slots are filled, notify volunteers of their scheduled time.
Activities: Martina
Responsibilities:  Organizing the activities bag in time for the activities meeting. Show and describe activities at activities meeting. Delegate the updating of activities. Examples of activities that can be delegated: CD, Biography, Freeze Frame,
Grab Bag.
Binder: Leigh
Responsibilities: Organize "research/study" materials into binder information for all members plus three extra for Chair.
Match Ups: Martina
Responsibilities: Collect or create a match up for each print. Have laminated. Turn in receipts to Treasurer for reimbursement. 
Treasurer: Linda
Responsibilities: Balance budget, collect fee from schools, work with Delaware Valley each year to update records.
Host Portfolio Review: Open
Responsibilities: Create a sign up genius for food donations and provide home for the luncheon.
Art Exhibit: Martina and Deborah
Responsibilities: Work with West Chester Area School District to create an art exhibit with a reception and public viewing of art work. (This is an optional event)
Recruiter: Pilar
Responsibilities: Contact school PTOs and try to obtain at least one volunteer from each school.
Webmaster: Janice
Responsibilities: Keep webpage up-to-date.
Field Trips: open
Responsibilities: Organize car pools and announce up coming events.

Artwork created by an East Bradford elementary school student.
Ms. Naughton, East Bradford teacher created a lesson plan around an artist perspective of the Mostar Bridge. The children were free to improvise and they could decide what to leave in or take out of their artwork.

2015/2016 Presentation Year

AGTS Meeting Schedule

Wed. Sept. 9 - Loretta/Kiyonaga, Peg/Delacroix, Martina/Hicks

Tues. Sept. 22 - Linda/Woodville, Jen/Inness, Denise/ animal sculpture, Deborah/Underwood and student piece

 Thurs. October 15 - Jo Ann/ van Gogh, Stephanie/Kokoschka, Eileen/ Bonnard, Kitty/Miro, Jaan/Morisot

 Tues. October 27 - Pilar/Alston, Libby/Nevelson, Alison/Tanobe, Beth/Steffen

Mon. Nov. 9 - Activities Review Day and any presentation make-ups

Wed. Jan 13 - Classroom Presentation review


 East Goshen - 11/16-11/20

East Bradford - 11/30-12/04


Fern Hill - 1/04-1/08

Penn Wood - 1/25-1/29

Glenn Acres - 2/01-2/05

Westtown Thornbury - 2/22-2/26

Sarah Starkweather - 2/29-3/04

Hillsdale - 3/14-3/18

Exton - 4/04-4/08

MCH - 5/09-5/13

Children's Art Exhibit - Thursday, April 14, 2016

AGTS Additional Documents (Presenter Information, etc.)
To Access AGTS Documents:
Go to: Sign In
E-mail Address: agts.wc@gmail.com
Password: agtswc

Then go to the drop down menu at "Hello Art Your Account". Drop down to "Your Cloud Drive" then Click on Document on left.

Thank You card from an AGTS student. 

Mary Grace Wible

Just wanted to send you a thank-you. I appreciate the time and effort that all of the AGTS volunteers spend in oder to prepare for their presentations….that's a lot of work!

Linda Glaum (art teacher)

Janice Earley,
Aug 27, 2014, 10:00 AM