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  • Enhanced Page Look & Pictures Some enhancement have been made to the general look and feel of the page. This is not only the result of Google enhancing its sites layout options, but also the plan is to improve the design further more over the next weeks. Unfortunately not everything can be modified, but it's a good mixture between ease of use and freedom of shaping. Also there's these images on the right now that will change over time. These are pictures from the public domain but always modified to fit a certain theme.  
    Posted Feb 1, 2013, 2:34 PM by WobbleBoxx
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Synths galore live in the mix!

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I couldn't resist to try this seed, but didn't expected this many horses. About 6-8 groups around spawn. 
Currently they despawn if the chunk they're in gets unloaded, but you can prevent this by taming them.

Tldw; Try seed "Lasagne"
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