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Speak Out

In addition to having everyday conversations about why marriage matters, here are some other ways you can speak out on this important topic.

Letters to the Editor

Please consider downloading the letter available on this page below (" Marriage Equality Letter to Editor Sample") to send it to the editor of your local newspaper. (Pioneer Press and Star Tribune are already covered, although you are welcome to list yourself as a co-signer.) It has been endorsed by the MPA Marriage Equality Task Force, and you are welcome to adapt it to your area as you wish, staying within the usual 250 word limit. Please e-mail Kay Slama, Ph.D., at slama@morris.umn.edu to tell us which newspaper you sent it. Thank you!

Blog about the Amendment

Follow this link to our blog page about the amendment.  Read what others are saying and add your own comments and thoughts.

Diane Smith,
Apr 29, 2012, 3:11 PM