WhiteBox for Jeti

WhiteBox for Jeti
The right information at the right time.
That's what WitheBox for Jeti proposes to jet pilots using Jeti radios.
Make your landing and slow fly by safer with this device, it provides an accurate airspeed thanks to it's pitot device.
WhiteBox for Jeti is provided with a brass pitot tube, just find the right place to install it.
WitheBox for Jeti also provides the most important turbine data on your radio display:
                • EGT
                • RPM
                • Fuel remaining
                • Battery voltage
And you don't have to worry about the GSU or HDT since you can see it on your Jeti display using the Jetibox application.
Compatible with JetCat ECU v6 or later, ProJET Hornet III ECU and Xicoy FADEC v6 or later.
Easy to install and set up, units displayed on metric or imperial values.