My World Record King Salmon

 How I ended up with the worlds largest , though certainly not the heaviest , Alaska King Salmon

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 In the Mid 1980's two friends opened up an old time photo shop on the spit. One day they asked me if I could possibly create a realistic looking King Salmon of enormous proportions that they could use as a prop.


 Sounded like a great idea and since I had a lot of experience making things out of paper mache and definitely knew something about salmon I figured I could do the job.  

 Here's Doc Eneboe with the finished product and above I pose with the bogus fish stand and scales that read 145 lbs.  

If you're still not believing it's a fake check out the back. There was no need to spend time on that since the camera was only going to get the front 

Here's a vew showing the split. Later the photo shop closed down and the charter business next door bought the thing and hung it up on the front porch. We fooled a lot of people with that thing but the best time was when two Alaska Fish and Game guys slammed on their brakes, got out and ran over until they got close and then sheepishly creeped back to their truck.  That was good.