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                                     Alaskan Scenic Prints

                                     Fantasy Prints

                                     Sea Otter Prints


            Original Paintings and Pastels    

                      Custom Boat Paintings

                                       Boat Portrait prices


                                        More Portraits

                                        Portrait prices

                          Alaska Scenic Art

                                         More Alaska Scenic

                          Alaskan Airplanes

                                           WWII Fighter Aircraft



                                         Angels Faires Magic

                                          Goddess in Nature

                         Fishing and the Sea

                        More Fishing and the Sea

                         Female Figure 

                        Sculptural Pieces

                                                                                                                           Alaska Sea Life Center Salmon Sculpture                        

                          Designing "Current Home" salmon sculpture

                          Building the sculpture

                          Moving the sculpture to Seward

                           Building and using the crusher



                        New Mermaid Sculpture Ari Kindrajl
                                         Latest editions of Ari

                        Mermaid Sculptures

                         Red Hat Lady Dolls

                         Great Grannies

                                  How we make our dolls

                        Gold Rush Sculpture

                        Wall Pieces

                        Indian Axes


                      Graphic Art

                            Alaska State Fair Posters

                            Illustrations and Logos

                                     Black and White Logos
                                          Color Logos 


                                          DiFrancia Girls  

                         Business Signs

                                      More Business Signs  

                                       How the Homer Library sign was made 

                        Homer Adventure Map and Business Guide        


                  Compass School of Fine Arts

                                 Student Art Gallery

                                 Prices and Policies

                  Fishing Hangups

                Misc interests and projects

                          World Record King Salmon

                                Model Airplanes and ships

                                          Model Airplanes Wheels Down Displays 

                                Missouri Model