Sculptural Pieces

 Follow the page links below to see some of the three dimensional work I have created.

 I wish I could find more time and money to sculpt . It's a wonderful change from painting but it is time consuming and not in great demand, at least from me. Some of the few pieces I have done include the Mermaid Sculptures shown on this page. 


 Also please go to the page of Gold Rush Sculptures to see what I did for the Alaska State Fair in 1988.

   click on image to enlarge


Explore the section that shows my Indian Axes, a sculptural art form with ancient roots in design.  Made with a matrix of Portland Cement and natural aggregates I used these to explore mixes for other works.

  Making whales with the community has been a lot of fun .  I directed this project to make a full size orca and over at the Assisted Living we made a humpback and calf to hang in the dining area.

 Here is the salmon sculpture " Current Home" I did in 2011 for the Alaska Sea Life Center in Seward. Click below to see more

           "Current Home"

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