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Heres my friend Lauren . This portrait is done in the "chiaroscuro"method. This means using a strong, single source light with a dark background. The figure seems to emerge out of the darkness. Warm light bathes the face and reveals, in this case, the beautiful person with                                    

This family just got more than their fair share of the good looks I'm afraid. Here's Lauren's brother Jake  done in a similar style but with more light overall and a strong secondary light source from the right side.


This is my mother in law Grace and her little doggy Teddy. She has always loved dogs and working in stained glass . I try to show the person and some of what makes them who they are in my portraits.

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 My old pal, Don Darnell is pictured here with the ship MV Tustumena that he worked on for many years. A few years ago he and some friends on the Ferry got the "Pumpkin Run" started . They distribute pumpkins to kids who live all up and down the remote islands of the Aleutian Chain here in Alaska during the Halloween season.

This lady is the departed mother of a close friend . I needed to work from photos to get this painting but I avoid strict copies of photos. I use the material but create compositions and expressions that bring the person to life.

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Here's Jake and Lauren posed together. I had fun with the background and the frame attempting to show both the great character of these two and their playful , innovative nature.

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Yours truly. Hey, every painter at some point in their career is virtually required to do a self portrait. I used my studio and an old painting as a backdrop and since I had a large vertical canvas stretched, just jumped in and did the whole thing.  Ok , sure , I make a little bit of a mess when I work but then again , I usually get the job done. 


I will be adding portraits of pets, paintings of homes and boats in the future.  

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Here's my old friend and skipper Joe Lawton of Palmer. We fished in the Inlet a few times on his Columbia river bowpicker. Here he sets out the net. In this style of painting the person is set in the scene and is not the largest element in the design. 

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 I use this painting to illustrate the idea that I could paint children, for instance this little girl as fantasy characters of their liking. I have painted fairies, mermaids and other fantasy figures for years.  This could be a great idea for a child'sgift.                               


A double portrait of old friend Mike Kennedy and his then girlfriend Barb.  They are seen running our wooden dory which we owned together for seveal years back in the 70's. 



  Angie's Turn- this is a portrait of my daughter when she was about ten.  Same boat as above. Angie used to take her turn at the tiller on long trips. Love you Angie.

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