Original Landscape Paintings

  Here are some of the oil paintings I've done of Alaskan Landscape themes. 

   My original work is sold at the Art Shop Gallery on Pioneer Ave. in Homer, Alaska 

  A moose crosses a rainy abandoned  road out on the Turnagain Arm flats . I saw this road one time on our way to Anchorage and  thought of this painting idea.


  A cirque is a place in the mountains where a snow bowl has formed. I especially love the way these look as the snow melts off in the summer.


  Have you ever watched the light patterns on mountain sides when the clouds let through little spotlights. They slowly drift across the features and give each one it's moment.

More Landscape Paintings

  Here we see much more  of the  mountainscape as the puffy white clouds scurrry over slowly melting summertime snow. Fireweed creeps up the slopes and adds it's color.


 The last light of a fall day closes down as a large bull moose surveys the  scene, looking for a mate, a rival? I love the way the small willows and plantlife of the tundra turn rich and warm in the fall. 

 The ultimate  landscape I suppose, the whole thing! At least in our little part of the Universe.  I started looking at the Hubble site pictures and became interested in galaxies.  This one is made up based on basic star formations common in the universe.

I wish it still looked like this today! I painted this in the early 1980's on Beluga Slough in Homer, Alaska.  Now it's the site of our new Animal Shelter, City Maintainance and a coming Condo.  Appreciate Alaska while you can!