Original Goddess Paintings

Here is a departure into ideas including the natural world, Klimnt style interest in combining surfaces and the idea of the Goddess in nature.   see my original paintings at Art Shop Gallery

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  When I was exploring the female abstractions of Gustav Klimnt in my series of nudes I started integrating the idea of the feminine creative principal in nature. I began using ideas derived from our Alaskan scenic beauty and the seasonal processes involved here to create these ideas.

  I realized at the same time that I would like to work on framing that was not just a rectangle and some gilt edges. I wanted to integrate the image and its frame in a new way. I carved this frame by hand and left spaces around the picture to integrate it with the wall space it would be installed on.Metal brackets hold it in place and create desgin elments as well. 

 I suppose at  this point  I hoped for too much , or maybe not. The powerful effect of the natural world on my own particular consciousness has brought such a sense of peace and belonging that I always believed it would someday bring us all to our senses. I expressed that here.  

 Here I combined all the elements from above , some  Native Alaskan  influence and the endless cycle of salmon birth, death and restoration of the land  to create  the oil painting "Transformations" Once again the piece is suspended in the frame by metal holders which allow the wall behind to become part of the color scheme. Hand carved elements at the top repeat the salmon motif.