Original Fishing and Seascape Paintings

 A collection of original oil paintings on one of my favorite themes,  the sea

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  Of the art forms I most enjoy,oil painting is at the top. Few creative experiences can match the joy of pushing wet oil paints around the surface of a springy, textured sheet of canvas.  I am a process oriented painter mostly. Meaning that I like to start by sifting through ideas in pencil and proceed to refine the design through various stages. 

   These often include small color studies and lately the use of my computer to look at different aspects of a design. I will take a digital picture of a color study or painting in progress and use Photoshop to manipulate it in different directions to look for creative possibilites.  After that, it's back to the canvas to realize those possibilities.  

    I often tell students who want to paint water that it is the most difficult thing to master right after learning to paint the human form properly. 

  Water is  transluscent,  reflective, has it's own color and texture and is constantly changing and in motion. I have observed water and worked at learning about it since I was ten years old.  I still love to give it a try. 

   More Fishing and Seascapes

  As a  young man growing up in Norfolk, Va. I spent many  hours on and under the water. There I learned to appreciate the  beauty of  light  flickering down from a broken surface  to reveal forms in a way completely different from above.  In Alaska  I used to dive in  Halibut  Cove Lagoon and observe the  large schools of King Salmon milling about  in the  spring and early summer.  From that I worked on my  Alaska underwater  paintings . Cove Kings is probably the  best of  this series . The original  was purchased  by  the  Pratt Museum in  Homer. When I had  a  solo exhibition there. 


 Halibut make it to the dock in this painting of some typical big Homer fish.  I love fishing for these odd beasts and love to eat them even more.

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