Original Fantasy Paintings

 A World of Mermaids, Fairies, Angels and Spirits

  For many years I have been attracted to painting seascapes, Alaskan scenery and wildlife but somewhere along the line I began to develop a desire to move beyond the ordinary and explore my imaginary world in more depth. 

 The realm of magic, a place where Mermaids would be common and Goddess spirit forms would guide us and protect the beauty of our sacred planet would appear naturally, called to me. 

 Many of the painters I love so much had this same desire. I delved into the work of J.W. Waterhouse, Maxfield Parish and Howard Pyle to understand how the masters from the past had addressed this same subject.

 In these paintings, many turned into giclee prints you will see my own ideas worked out in paint. I hope you will see the beauty and magic of this world as I have.