Orca Whale Paintings

Here are some more paintings done from the underwater perspective, this time Orcas are the subject

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 Once again the head of Kachemak Bay is the setting for an oil painting, this time , of Orca whales . Sometimes you see the last glinting rays of a sunset as the moon rises over the Homer Hill.


   In "Quarry" a pod of Orcas stalk a school of king salmon. I tried to show the moment just before the whales go in for the kill. The fish are starting to move off to the left and at any minute will bolt away frantically trying to escape those big white teeth. 


Well, Orcas might be beautiful to look at but they aren't called "killer whales" for nothing. Departing from the traditional , I chose to show the water bloodied by dying fish as the Orcas ball them up for the kill. Orcas , like other whales hunt together and use strategies to catch their prey.