More Portrait Art

Here is another page showing my latest portraits   click to see full size image

 This latest portrait was done on commission by Linda Fitzpatrick who worked at the Homer, Alaska Long Term Care Facility for many years. Her life's work was to help out the elderly people who passed through the place where she worked and played and loved. Many families remember how important her assistance and good cheer was for so many.  She called me to her room in the summer of 2007, where she was very ill, to request that I paint a portrait of her in her 40's based on photos from that time. Her intention was to leave a lasting memory of her presence there for many years to come. Her work was the real legacy but I was happy to help maker her dream come true.  Posing her in her natural setting was the beginning and then using the material to take her back to that time was my job as an artist.  Later I met her beloved daughter , Katie and also did a current double portrait of them together. Recently Linda passed on but her memory and this painting will help us remember her.

Here are Rene and Suzanne Alvarez in their lovely hand built rock garden. I painted it as Suzanne would love it to look on it's most splendid day. Ok, maybe some of these flowers cant' be blooming at the same time. Don't call the garden club on me please.

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I painted my very long time friends  Mary Lou and Bill walking in the surf line on the Homer Spit.  If you're from here it might strike you as a little trite to use this scene , so much photographed and so on , but I love it . Nothing says Homer like the China Poot  area directly across from the Spit. And who could be more Homer and Bill and Mary Lou.

This is the first in my series of pet portraits. It's called "Peggy's Pals" . Eventually I will set up a page just for these. I hope to do more than the usual head shots and so on. I was happy with this.