More Original Fishing

Here's some more of my favorite fishing and seascape painting   

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   No one knows why salmon jump like this but it's a great way to find out where they are as the sides flash silver and gold. Where one jumps many more may be found below. The bluffs of Kachemak Bay show orange as the sun sets and the moon rises.  

  Reds show up  colorfully against the  rocky  stream bed and floating leaves. Often they will lie in pockets behind rocks and log jams as they rest on their way upstream. If you look carefully you can spot small Dolly Varden trout as they shadow the salmon waiting for eggs or eventually fish flesh of the dead and dying.

Long time friend Mike Kennedy is portrayed from many years back in our old cod fishing dory built in Kodiak. His girlfriend at the time, Barb, steers the boat. I have always loved the way boat wakes create patterns of light and color. 

  This is one  from my youth  in  Virginia.  My dad and I used to fish  in old broken down  duck  blinds for bass in the summer. Abundant wildlife can be seen under and above the waterline. 

  This really was the Celtic's last voyage as the wheel man  fell asleep and plowed her directly into sixty foot rock  which looms in the distance . She was one of the last great old wooden fishing boats once common around Alaska. Every one was sad around Homer when this happened. The men escaped.

  I guess this is the Celtic section now. I painted these two additional pieces for a show I had in September of 2008. Here she is making her way up the bay in calm seas as a low cloud cover settles in. 

   Homeward bound , she glides past Guardian Rock outside of Aurora Lagoon. In the back ground you can see the bluffs at the head of the bay and Fritz Creek gulch.

Here's the old power scow Seldovia gettin pushed around by a large following sea. Built by the army in the 40's to haul freight, they made good sea boats for fishermen when the shootin stopped.