More Alaska Landscape

 Heres some more original oil paintings and pastels of beautiful Alaska 

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 Once we lived in a place near the Bluffs at Bishops Beach. Out in a field in front of us was a small, lone spruce tree. Constantly buffeted by the wind and rain it seemed to be standing a vigil.  It was very beautiful   when the morning sun would catch it just right.  

   Over in Halibut Cove I have a friend , Don Darnell , who has a nice house boat. At the base of his dock stands a lovely rock surrounded by beach gravel and driftwood. I sat and did this in pastels one day.  Can you find the little map of Africa? 

 Also in Halibut Cove you can see the famous Arch as you enter the mouth of the harbor area.  I rocked around in a little row boat as I sketched this in pastels.   


  At the base of the Homer Spit is an area called Mud Bay. It's much more beautiful than it's name but it definitely is muddy. It is a favorite for shore birds and the people who watch them There are sandpipers in the little frame at the bottom.

  I love the patterns that form in the sand below Bluff Point at Bishop's Beach. We always used to go clamming here. Here the moon is reflected in an early morning tide pool.