Fighter Aircraft of WWII

  Here are some Pastels of airplanes I did way back in the 70's when I first got interested in building and painting models.             click on image to see larger

 I love the clunky looking P 47 Thunderbolt. From most views it looks a lot like the "jug" that it was called by air crews but from the rear, sitting on the tarmac you can appreciate it's best lines. 


  A fine graceful, greyhound of a fighter and many peoples favorite water cooled beast- the P 51 Mustang is shown here landing. I used mono chromatic sepias for these and created a feeling of bygone times.


 The Dauntless dive bomber is kind of girl next door airplane but was the difference between victory and disaster at Midway. Here is number 22 settling into a landing in the late evening on a carrier deck.