Custom Boat Paintings

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I have always loved painting the sea and boats. Recently I started doing custom oils for boat owners around Homer. To illustrate this aspect of my work I started out by painting an old wooden boat that was working here when I arrived in 1972, the Celtic. Here she is running up Kachemak Bay on a gentle sea. 

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    Another view of the Celtic as she slides by Guardian Rock outside Aurora Lagoon. You can see her beautiful lines . In the background is the bluff line at the head of the Bay with Fritz Creek gulch on the left

During WWII the Army built a large number of boats for hauling freight up and down the coast called "power scows" They were wide, deep wooden hulled boats. After the war they were sold off to Alaskan fishermen and converted to tendering , crabbing and other uses. This is the 'Seldovia" , a boat still working out of Homer   

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This portrait is more fisherman than boat but shows the variety of ideas one can choose from. This is a painting of Joe Lawton and the " School Teacher"   She certainly taught some lessons as we fished for salmon in the Cook Inlet.

 This is the Channel Cutter Morning Star owned by my friend Ron Downing and family . They sailed her all the way up the inside passage to Homer a couple of years ago. This was my first official commission.

 She cuts through the water easily on a brisk day with Ron steering and Liz doing all the work. Mikey learns about this from his dad.

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