cCompass School of Arts

  Please take your time to explore these pages to find out about my private school of arts. Don't forget to look at the Gallery of Student Art to see the great things my students are achieving.


        Classes are available for students 12 and older-  yes many adults also attend 

 The first thing to understand about the Compass School is that it is different from other Art classes you have attended. 

 There is no set of courses that you must take to do one thing or another. The classes you take are individually designed for you.  When you apply here and are accepted , we will sit down together and see where your skills are right now and discuss what you want to learn ,and what your artistic goals are. This is your starting point.

information about the school

From there we will create an ever evolving set of lessons designed to improve your skills and teach you what you want to know to excel at the things that interest you. 

On the right hand side of this page you will see students painting, drawing and sculpting. These are just a few activities they have chosen to learn more about the things that interest them such as horses, dinosaurs, faces, still life painting or any other number of subjects.

  I believe people learn best when they are working on things that interest them and are heading towards acheiving the goals they set for themselves.  This is the philosophy that guides my teaching. 

How to start with Compass

  You are on your own program. My part is to use my 35 years of experience as an artist and teacher to help you map that course and assist you to learn new things. 

  see Student Art Gallery 

   Most of the time we will not be producing finished artwork but instead will focus on getting the skills you need by practicing basics. Such as good drawing and sculpting abilities.

If you have a love for the visual arts, have the willingness to work hard and take the time to practice I can help you achieve what you want in the wonderful world of the arts.  

        Adults are welcome too!