Color Logos

 Sometimes the simple black and white logo progresses to full color or , as in some cases, starts with a sign that leads to the logo.                           click on images to see full size

  It's been so many years since I did this one that no one even knows it's mine. Next time it comes on your television set you'll know. 




  When Scott Ulmer opened his sports store he came to me to think about what to call it and how the logo should work. Out of a list of 15 he picked this one. 

    Go Lady Mariners. Bill Bell's wining soft ball team also sells this earth friendly coffee to pay for equiptment  and I guess medical bills. 

  This logo came directly from the sign. It shows the balance these ladies achieve between alternative and allopathic techniques in healing. 

   This one is for a community based group who got a park and ball field built where the old Homer landfill used to be.

  Once again the sign brought about the logo. Kate Mitchell"s restoration of the Marie Walli Mercantile building got this started.

Sometimes they just want simple. I did this when Rick Ingles started a business composed of there separate ventures tied together into one.