Business Signs

 When I first came to Homer, Alaska in the early 70's I owned a backpack, a canteen, a tent and some brushes. When I started getting hungry I quickly put the brushes to work. The most greatly needed art at the time was business signs and oh yes, painting the names on people's boats. Below are some of the many signs I have done around town. 

  This toy store sign has certainly been a hit with the kids around Homer and was a lot of fun for me to do. I liked creating seperate units for the various themes on the sign. I always try to reflect the spirit of the business as well as the content.  A toy store sign should be fun to look at I  think.   

 Here are some details you can click on to see some of the most fun parts of the sign. 



Becky and Fred decided one summer that just one toy store wasnt' going to be enough fun . They started a seperate branch out on the spit to sell kites and beach balls and so on. 

  When Fred and I were hanging the sign Judy caught me leaning out the window and shot this picture. 

 More Business Signs

 On Pioneer Ave in downtown Homer you will find this very old, historic building that has some not so old computer serices inside. Still the owner wanted me to reflect Homer's pioneer past in the sign.

  The ladies who had me do this one stressed it should show their philosophy of combining the best of "Alternative" and Alopathic techniques for healing. 

  If you haven't eaten at Mike Hiller's Spit-Fire Grille you haven't had the best yet. Finally got to put a cool airplane on a sign.  Thanks Mike!   Out on the Spit you can find the only sign I ever did that is someone else's design . The owner already had a nice logo and wanted me to paint it in a sign .   This may be my personal favorite Sign I always love the goddess concept and earth tones.

 This is by far the most complex sign job ever for me. I've given a whole page to this one. Homer Public Library Sign

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