Ari Kindrajl


  This is an edition of sculptures I am currently producing

I started working on this last winter (2007), initially as a clay model, to be used in a series of new paintings but after seeing where it was going I continued to refine the clay in preparation for eventual mold making and casting. 

  Step 2 in the process was to make a "waste mold"and cast the model in plaster and continue to refine. The image on the right is actually that plaster piece which I hand painted in order to get an idea of how the finished sculpture would look . Here Ari is from the front. 

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  As I went along I really began to find her character. Much as writers commonly report, the creation began to take over and dictate what was to come next.  She needed to be beautiful, yes, but also strong and wise.  A pensive look began to emerge and maybe a little sadness. 

   Current editions are available at the Art Shop Gallery here in Homer, Alaska on Pioneer Ave.  The owner Karin Marks and her staff are very knowledgeable about this piece and how it is being created.

Here's another look at her expression . Also in this close up you can see the paint which is done to simulate mother of pearl. People frequently comment on how different her face looks as she turns around.

 This is the  left side view detail of the same model. I had a lot of fun making her hair seem to blow in the wind. One of the ideas I've had for a long time was to create an ornamental look for this race of Mermaids that would create an elegance and culture. As I worked on this idea Celtic designs began to emerge. With this in mind I started to weave what appear to be bands of metal into a rythm with sea related themes like the way fins resolve or how a whales tale might look in this style. The belt has a sea serpent face in the front, a whales tale design in the back and fin like side pieces. Her purse has a scallop motif.   

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 Here she is from behind. She measures 28 inches high and is about 10 inches in diameter at the base. You can see that in the intertidal zone towards the bottom of the piece sealife such as barnacles, mussels, anemones, starfish and even an octopus take their natural place in the setting. At first I didn't know all this was going to be part of the design.  As soon as I put on a single starfish, however, the whole need for it  became apparent.  This began another couple weeks of intricate work but a lot of enjoyment as it all come to life. The sea life is all based on what we have here on the south central Alaskan coast which is what I know best . Maybe Ari is an Alaskan Mermaid or maybe she travels the world in her own time, she hasn't told me everything about herself yet. I'm still in the early stages of getting to know and, basically, love her. Who could resist?

  This is the first cast out of the mold. Ari is done in cold cast bronze here.  In this medium she has a very traditional look. From this side you can see some of the ornamental pieces she wears including the spiral fish arm band .  Her ear rings are made of sea shells as well.  I intend to cast her in many other styles including more hand painted.  It's really interesting to see how she changes with the different materials.  I'll post them as they come out.

   All editions are cast out of the strongest most permanent materials available and will last more than one lifetime. These can also be placed outdoors as they are weather proof in every way.                                                                                    see    New Editions of Ari by clicking here

            available at Art Shop Gallery editons

 this detail view shows her face in the bronze. This is my favorite view of her.

   To discuss available editions or commission a custom Ari Kendrajl mermaid sculpture  contact me at

  What is an Edition?

           An edition in sculpture means the artist has produced an original work and has gone through steps to create , or have created, a production mold to then make a number of copies.   In my case I have made my own mold and will be casting further pieces as I go along. 

 How many are in an Edition?

         Editions can be unlimited or numbered. An "open" edition is not numbered. This *is* an "open" edition but since I'm 62  this fact constitutes, essentially, a numbered edition. If the days are numbered can the artwork be far behind?  Anyway each piece has my signature carved into the piece, hidden in the rocks, and is also signed at the bottom. Personally I think I would be very fortunate to make 100 or so of these.   Hell, I'm fortunate to have made one. 

                  New Editons of Ari

       Here is another part of this project in the form of bas reilief fragments meant to replicate classical pieces found or dug at archilogical sites and so on.  She is 15" high and hangs snugly on any wall.