Alaska State Fair Posters

 From 1988 to 2001 I did almost all the Posters for the Alaska State Fair in Palmer, Alaska. Of all the graphic art projects I have done this may be my best known and remembered. I certainly had a great time with each years theme and managed to win some national awards for State Fair advertising art. I retired from this after 2001 but still do some souvenier artwork. 

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 It started in 1988 with the theme "Texas Salute". Definitely not my idea and easily the most unpopular theme ever with Alaskans. Sorry Texas.


 On a happier note , if not a lot goofier was the "A-Moose Yerself" which no one even today completely understands. But still it was fun



This quilting theme made a lot of quilters happy. It was the first poster to win a national award for State Fair Advertising. 


Having a big jam at the outdoor stage at the Fair is one of the most fun things to do. As the late summer sun lights up the mountains the crowd drinks beer and really starts rockin. 

 People always said the guy in the chair was me but I was never even *this* good looking. At the Fair people have a lot of fun getting their faces painted and their hair done up wierd. 

All the different groups who show at the Fair want to be represented on the poster. I thought I'd make the animal husbandry people happy but got a lot of grief from the goat ropers because the goat is the only animal tied to the truck.  oh well

This was a first for me. All the elements of this poster are cut out pieces of colored paper carefully glued together. 


An all time favorite. Theme courtesy of my wife , Judy.I created the Moose mascot 'Moosey on the 1989 Poster and he became a must afterwards.He never flew higher than this.


Here's Moosey once again featured cooking up jam out of State Fair fun items.  Made all the food folks happy with this one. 

1998 Was the 100 year aniversary of the Alaska Gold Rush and I used Moosey with a pick axe to show that. The idea was to recreate the old fashion poster style from that era.   During this years fair I did  a large Goldrush Sculpture

I combined the 4H theme with the "getting your hair done and face painted" idea. Here two city girls encounter gramps and the kid showing their prize winning sheep. 

 I still don't know what a "Moose Odyessy" is but was assured by the ad man at the Fair that it meant *something*. Anyway it worked out as a fun piece and ended my particualr moose odyessy with the State Fair Poster.