Alaskan Airplanes

 I have always had a great love affair with airplanes. Especially the propellor craft from the 1940's. Planes of this era had to really "fly".  The low power of their engines , compared to modern jets, dictated their aerodymanic, flowing contours and broad wings. The radial engine dictated a rounded look up front that I really like. Here are a few of the paintings that have been inspired but these early planes, many , like the DC-3 and Single Otter are still flying in Alaska today.

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 The coolest of all Homer airplanes has got to be Bill DeCreeft's Dehavilland Otter. Here it glides down over the causeway in Homer on final approach. Bill could make his Otter settle down on to the lake with barely a ripple.


   Not sure why I'm attracted to the derelict airplane.  Something haunting about the story that might be behind it. Anyway this is about the many WWII airplanes lost out on the Aleutian Chain in this case a B-17.                                        see Fighter Aircraft also

             In this one a DC-3 makes a emergency landing with one engine out in a driving rainstorm. One wheel is just making contact on the power side as the other is held up till she is down for good. Hope it all comes out well in the end. Not enough of these handsome planes left to be bashing up. 

  Another beautiful bird, also a DC-3 is left abandoned where she came down, somewhere in the remoteness of the Alaskan wild.  Sunlight peeks through the cloud cover and spotlights the airplane and the distant mountains . Fireweed blooms in fall profusion.

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