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Registering for a Tournament:

This season some of the NASP format tournaments will be using a different registration site. 

For the tournaments below - the website the hosting tournament will be using will be indicated below the date for the tournament.   

For NASP website tournaments you will need to register with your Archery Team Coach.

To participate in the tournaments using the Rcherz website: create a free membership account, click on participate beside the tournament you would like to participate in, indicate the flight time you plan on shooting in,  indicate your equipment, etc and click on the "add to my calender" tab and you are done.  

You will need to create an account for each archer registering for a tournament. 

When creating your account profile in the preferred bow drop down box select compound and then select Genesis.  For the arrow drop down select Easton 1820.  Please indicate the club you are a part of in the club listing.  If your club is not listed please let Coach Becky know and it can be added to the list.

 www. Rcherz .com