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Mission Statement

To create an environment that students/players can challenge themselves to be honest, committed and able to be genuine.  For when they are genuine, honest and committed they will be able to mentor others whether they are on the team, in their family or in the community creating and building relationships that can affect their own and others’ lives for the better.

Coach Becky Lassila

We support archery enthusiast of all ages from the beginner in Kindergarten to the 90 year old grandmother. WBL Archery Club is open to all area students and adults that are interested in developing archery skills. We are a WBLAHS School Board recognized sport. We have competitive teams at the Elementary, Middle School and High School levels. We follow the MSHSL requirements for participation.
White Bear Lake Archery consists of the Archery Club, WBL Elementary/Middle School Team and the WBL High School Team.
If you have any questions about White Bear Lake Archery, please contact:
Becky Lassila
Program Director/Head Coach

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