Welcome to the WBHS Choirs!

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Willowbrook High School has a history of fine choral instruction through quality repertoire.   There are three levels of choir at WBHS:  Beginning Mixed Chorus, Treble Choir, and Concert Choir.  In addition to the curricular choirs, WBHS also has an extra-curricular performance ensemble "CenterStage".  Please visit the pages of our performance groups to learn more about our choral program at Willowbrook.

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2018 ILMEA All-State Musicians

Kaylynn Kattiyaman – Orchestra – Cello
Renee Maggard – Orchestra – Eb Clarinet
Julia Cicero – All-State Honors Choir – Alto I
Emma Cismesia – All-State Choir – Alto I
Genevieve Corkery –All-State Honors Choir –Alto II

                                 2017 ILMEA All-District Musicians
Kathleen Cicero - Soprano II
Julia Cicero - Alto I
Emma Cismesia - Alto I
Genevieve Corkery - Alto II
Nick Danielson - Tenor I
Thomas Danielson -Tenor II
Michael Danielson - Tenor II
John DeAngelo - Bass I
Shannon Frank- Trumpet
Kathleen Gomez - Alto II
Aleksandra Graf - Soprano II
Bahgat Hassan - Bass II
Nicholas Johnson - Double Bass
Kaylynn Kattiyaman  - Cello
Joe LaPointe - Bass I
Emily Luna - Alto I
Renee Maggard - Eb Clarinet
Samuel Munoz - Cello
Lillian Nuss - Soprano I
Emma Staunton - Bb Clarinet
Kassandra Valencia - Alto I

2018-2019 Music Dates

6/25-6/29, Summer Band, 9am-Noon

6/28, Parade Rehearsal, Noon-2pm

7/2, Summer Band, 9am-Noon

7/2, Parade Rehearsal, Noon-2pm

7/2, Summer Band Concert, 6:30PM VP Gazebo

7/3, Parade Rehearsal, Noon-2pm

7/4, July 4th Parade

7/26 Marching Band Leadership and New Members, 5-8pm

7/27 Marching Band Leadership and New Members, 5-8pm

7/30-8/3   Full Marching Band Camp: 1-8PM                                   

9/4 7pm Music Booster Mtg. (M6)

9/5 3-6pm CenterStage Auditions (M6)

9/8 University High School Band Day

9/25 7pm Music Booster Mtg. (M6)

10/2   3-9pm ILMEA Auditions  ATHS
10/11  7pm Collage Concert and Bake Sale
10/18  7pm String Festival (Aud)

10/19 – Band Day
10/23 7pm Choir Invitational (Aud)
10/24  4-8pm Music Booster Scholarship Auditions


11/1  7pm Tri-M Induction Ceremony (Aud)
11/3  ILMEA All-District Festival
11/6   7pm Music Booster Mtg. (M6)
11/17 ILMEA Jazz Festival – TBA


12/3 7-10pm Music Rehearsal (Aud)

12/4  7pm Music Booster Mtg. (M6)

12/5  3-5pm Music Rehearsal (Aud)
12/6  7pm Jazz Band/CenterStage/Rock Band Concert (Aud)
12/10 3-5pm Music Rehearsal (Aud)
12/11 7pm Holiday Concert I - ORCH/CHOIR
12/12 3-5pm Music Rehearsal (Aud)
12/13 7pm Holiday Concert II (Aud) - BANDS
12/14 Holiday Assembly (WT) (Aud)

1/8 Music Booster Mtg. (M6)
1/23-1/26 ILMEA All-State Music Conference

2/2 Treble Choir at ACDA Sing and Share Festival

2/5 Music Booster Mtg. (M6)

2/9 - Batavia Band Festival (Batavia HS)

2/22 – Tri-M Music Social (M6, M7, M9)

2/23 - Midwest Music/Band Festival (Lemont HS)

2/27 7pm Band Concert (Aud)

2/28-3/3 Music Tour (Orchestra)

3/2 IHSA Solo & Ensemble Contest - TBA
3/5 Music Booster Mtg. (M6)
3/7 7pm Orchestra Concert (Aud)

3/9 - Mundelein Jazz Festival (Mundelein HS)
3/19 7pm Choir Concert (Aud)

4/2 Music Booster Mtg. (M6)

4/6 - ISU Jazz Festival (Illinois State University)

4/12 CenterStage “A Night at the Cabaret” Fundraiser (Aud/Foyer/Café)

4/16 7pm – Jazz Band/CenterStage Concert (Aud)

4/26-27 - ISU Concert Band Festival (Illinois State University)


5/7 Music Booster Mtg. (M6)
5/1 3-5pm Music Rehearsal (Aud)
5/2 7pm – Band Concert (Aud)

5/3-4 - Superstate Concert Band Festival (University of Illinois)
5/8 3-5pm Music Rehearsal (Aud)
5/9 7pm – Orchestra Concert (Aud)

5/13 – Tri-M Breakfast – 7:30AM (C2)
5/13 AP Music Theory Recital
5/13 3-5pm Music Rehearsal (Aud)

5/14 7pm – Choir/CenterStage Concert (Aud)

5/19 – Lilac Parade