Graduate Students

"And so I went to Minnesota to do my PhD in chemistry... "

bg, 1970 

 University of Minnesota  

Department of    Chemistry  

Biomedical Engineering Department 

Department of Medicinal Chemistry  

I am a full member of the graduate faculty here at Minnesota, although I am a  faculty member in the Medical School, Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology.  According to this arcane system, I am eligible to advise and train M.S. and Ph.D. students in the departments of Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, and Biomedical Engineering.  So far, three students have obtained PhD degrees in my laboratory, two in chemistry and one in biomedical engineering.  I have also advised two students in biomedical engineering for the MS degree.  If you are interested in graduate work in Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, or Biomedical Engineering you need to contact the indivdual departments in order to apply to do graduate work.  If you click on one of the links at left you should be at the web page of the appropirate department.  (Let me know if this is not the case - links change.) 

Bill Gleason, I-13-07