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Kudos to

Dr. OJ for his new tenure-track position at the University of St. Thomas

Pooja Chakrabarty for her graduation with a degree in biomedical engineering

Jane Shvelidze for her graduation with a degree in biomedical engineering

Christina  Cowman,  Margo Siorek, and Derek Straka for their most recent successful UROP applications

Derek Straka for his chemistry scholarship for next year

Margo Siorek for her  physics scholarship for next year

Leila Albers for her presentation at the annual Chemistry Graduate Student Symposium

Leila Albers for her invitation to give an oral presentation of her work at the upcoming ACS national meeting in Boston

The Periodic Table (a blog) continues unabated.  Mr. B. finds a sort of catharsis in ranting on life at BigU, politics, and other foolishness.  As of today (4 June), there have been approximately 3000 visitors and 7000 page views.  Most of the stuff is ephemeral but some may be pertinent here at the University for the next couple of years.  My plan is to put a few of these rants on this site in downloadable form for further reflection or argument.

For now, I'll just put links to items on the blog.  I tried to make pdfs for download but ran into the inevitable technical difficulties.  

If You Build It, Grants Will come? Or Could Someone Please Be Honest and Responsible About Expansion of Biomedical Research at BigU?

Summer In the Lab

This term Margo SiorekChristina Cowman, Tou Vang and  Leila Albers will be working in the lab.  Margo has support in the form of an MSI summer internship. Christina has a summer fellowship through the chemistry department [Heisig/Gleysteen Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship] and Leila will continue working as an assistant in the NMR lab.   Margo also has the ambitious aspiration of completing a chemistry major next year in addition to her physics major.   Derek Straka, Margo, and I have had an abstract accepted for the American Crystallographic Association national meeting this summer that is to be held in Salt Lake City. This poster needs to be completed.  Leila has had an abstract accepted for the American Chemical Society national meeting in Boston and has been invited to make an oral presentation.  Mr. B. would like to get something in for the Glycobiology meeting in November in Boston.

The nanotechnology lecures through the U of M's Compleat Scholar Program will be done very shortly. These lectures are being delivered in late May and the first week of June.  I'll try to make some of this material available shortly. Because of my being a little sloppy about attribution, it is not going to be possible to put everything up, but the clean stuff will be posted. 

Derek Straka, our resident workaholic, will NOT be officially working in the lab this summer.  He will only be working two jobs - a full time one doing computer science and a part time one being a TA in a programming class.  In his "spare time" he will be writing up his senior honor's thesis in chemistry. At least he won't have to work construction this summer in 90+ degrees weather...

 Our major research meeting will probably be on Mondays at 2:30 - 3:30 for those available.  Minor meetings will generally be on W, F, at the usual time. Undergrads are invited to attend. Tea and crumpets will be served... 

 Bill Gleason (aka Mr. Bonzo)

June 4, 2007