Analista de Suporte Técnico - TI

I’m a passionate of nature and lover of videogames, simple fascinated by technology. I just love to see how stuff works and discover new technologies. An extremely simple guy, that only searches for happiness. These are just some words that can define me.

I’m always looking to learn new things, and feel new experiences. In the past was a very competitive player of Half Life 2 Deathmatch in my seventeen’s. Later join the army, and spend some amazing times, there i meet great friends, and learn more about my country, and the strength that people have in their hearts.

My favorite hobbies are go to nature and play videogames (especially teamplay based like DOTA, or Battlefield, and today Titanfall). Feel like in home when I can swim in some clean river or find a beautiful waterfall, climb a mountain or just walk in middle of forest, green is one on my colours. I think when we can put together technology and the environmental preservation then we are really on the right direction.

Like a lot of technology, graduated in Information Technology, im a fan on computers and IT things…

What to know me better? Seach for wBaRaTo or better… Let’s make a trip together  : ]



E-mail - MSN wbarato@gmail.com