What to bring to the testing session

What you will need:

  • $15 is the current test fee. We prefer the exact amount in cash.
  • A government photo id (drivers license preferred).
  • Your FCC Federal Registration Number (FRN).  If you do not have one already, this page will show you the procedure.  We WILL have internet access at the test session so you can register for an FRN before you start your test.  If you want to do this, make sure you have your social security number as that is required during the registration process.
  • A pen (black ink) and pencil (we can loan you either or both if you're like me and never carry pencils (*smile*))
    Note:  You may bring a calculator.  HOWEVER, 
    iPhones, iPads, Androids, smartphones, Blackberry devices and all similar electronic devices with a calculator capability, may NOT be used.  We do have some calculators you can borrow to use during the test

  • If you already have a license: Bring the original (and one copy) of any current (unexpired) amateur radio operator’s license issued to you.  
  • If you've already passed a test but don't yet have a the license it qualified you for:  Bring the original (and one copy) of any document that you will use to prove you've already passed a test element. These documents may include:
    • An unexpired Certificate of Successful Completion of Exam (CSCE) indicating the credit(s) earned
    • Pre March 21, 1987 Technician license (this provides credit for the Element 3 (General) exam)
    • A letter from the FCC confirming that you previously held a specific class of license for which you will be given credit for the Element 3 exams.
  • A positive attitude and patience.  The VE team will do our best to get you through the paperwork, get you tested, your exam graded, and do our part of the paperwork as quickly as possible, but it does take some time.  We do appreciate your patience.