This page shows some instruments that I have made in the past and will continue to make as time and workload allow.  Many of these can be found illustrated and described under the appropriate sections of this web site.  This is a one-man operation, and the keys are made singly, or in small batches.  At this time I have a pretty large backlog that I am working on, so I am not taking orders.  Some of the material available below is a bit out-of-date, and the prices and specifications may have changed.  Please return to this site from time to time for announcements as to the availability of specific types of keys.


This is a sample of the many kinds of Parkwood Paddles that I have made.  The full brochure may be downloaded here. 


 These are typical paddlebugs, which I make in versions.  Some have with powder-coated steel bases and aircraft aluminum mechanisms and some are of solid brass.  There is a variety of sizes, ranging from the big ones (still smaller than a Vibroplex) to small, more portable versions.  The brochure is a little out of date - I have made some recent design improvements.  Click here to download brochure.  There is also a typical instruction manual that you can take a look at.


 This is the MicroBug.  You can look at the brochure here, and a sample manual here.


The KXer is specifically designed to be used with the Elecraft KX-1 transceiver.  It is available with an optional brass base.   Here is a manual for you to view.


 I am currently working on the final version of a line of RotoBugs that should be available soon.  The prices have not yet been set, but you can view a sample manual here.


 The Parkwood Pup is a small key for portable operation.  Its information is here.


I am also developing several other instruments, but I haven't any firm plans for their availability at this time.