Key Videos

This is a page of links to video recordings of some of my keys in action.  There are detailed descriptions of these instruments elsewhere on the web site.


The NanoBug I  *NEW*


Experimental PaddleBug 


DoubleBug No. 8


Standard RotoBug




Right-Angle Bug


The DoubleMax


This is an experimental instrument that was made to try out some new design ideas and also to see how small a functional bug can be made.  Click here to for a sample of how it sounds.







This is an experimental Parkwood PaddleBug.  It was part of a project investigating ways to change the duration of each dot (the weight, or duty cycle).  Small changes in the duration of the dots make a big difference in the "sound" of the Morse code produced.  Click here to see this key in operation.




This is the latest attempt to produce a "user friendly" fully-automatic bug.  This design, with a single lever and dual pendulums, has come to closest to this ideal.  It is fairly well-behaved and easy to adjust.  Here is how it sounds.




This is a Standard RotoBug (there is also a Compact version and many experimental models).  Instead of a pendulum it uses an oscillating rotor to provide the basic timing of the dots.  Watch it work here.






 The RotoBug design has been extended to a fully-automatic version that does a nice job at moderate speeds.  Besides, it is fun to watch: click here.






This bug was an early attempt to create an instrument with a small footprint.  It is built on a base of cocobolo wood.  Despite its small size, it sounds pretty good.  Hear it here.






The on-going effort to make a smooth-working fully automatic bug produced this complex instrument with moderate success.  (Pardon the video quality - I will redo it sometime).  I hope you can copy its "song" here.