Commercial Semi-Automatic Keys

The Mechanical Workhorses of High-Speed Telegraphy 

     This page is currently under construction.  Most of the images are in place, but comments are being added.  Because there are many who know much more about bugs (and CW in general) than I do, I welcome comments that add information or point out misinformation in this page.  Most of the bugs here are in the same condition as they were when I required them.  Some will be gently cleaned, and a few "basket cases" not shown here will be restored as time permits.     




This 100th Anniversary Vibroplex Original Deluxe is the finest bug in my collection, and it is the only bug that I have ever bought new.  Usually it lives in a display case, but it comes out once in awhile for some air time, where it performs very well indeed.  It bears Serial Number 009.



 Vibroplex Original DeLuxe








Vibroplex Original Presentation






 Vibroplex Blue Racer DeLuxe








Vibroplex Original Standard









Vibroplex Blue Racer 









Vibroplex Zephyr

Vibroplex Champion

Vibroplex Original








Vibroplex J-36  (Military)

Bunnell J-36  (Military)

Lionel J-36  (Military)

E. F. Johnson  Speedex

E. F. Johnson Speedex

McElroy Mac key

McElroy  Mac Key

Dentsu-Seiki  BK-50  Swallow Key

Hi-Mound Bug