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Some links to articles on various key-related topics (by WB9LPU) -

The beginnings of the WB9LPU bug designs - PDF   (*)

Linear Fully-Automatic Bugs - PDF  (*)

The Rotary Approach - PDF  (*)

The First PaddleBugs - PDF  (*)

More PaddleBugs - PDF  (*)

A Tiny PaddleBug - PDF    (*)

Easy Adjustment of Dot Weight - PDF   (*)

Demonstration of Dot Weight Adjustment - MP3   (*)

The First RotoBugs - PDF  (*)

Further Refinements - PDF  (*)

RotoBug Manual - PDF  (*)

Two Straight Keys - PDF  (*)    These keys incorporate some design features found in European keys.

A Simple Straight Key Construction Project - PDF   (*)   This is a design that can be made with simple machine and hand tools.

A Marconi-Style Key - PDF   (*)   This key was made to recall the historic accomplishment of Marconi during its 100th anniversary .

A QRP Super-Tee Antenna Tuner   (*)  Binary-switched inductors and a modified modem case make a sturdy low-power antenna tuner.

The PaddleMug - a Novelty Key   (*)  A key that provides refreshment and good CW at the same time.

The PaddleKey - Two Functions in One  (*)  This key switches "on the fly" from being a single paddle to a straight key.

The KXer PaddleKey for the Electraft KX-1 (*)  This key provides non-iambic paddle and straight-key functions in the same instrument.

A Semiautomatic Straight Key  (*)  This is a straight key that can make a string of dots automatically, or it can be used as a straight key only.

A Fully-Automatic Single Pendulum Telegraph Key  (*)  This is a unique instrument that uses a pendulum that moves at different speeds and in different directions while generating dots and dashes.

KXer Operation Manual - Iambic  (*)  This is the current version of the instruction manual for the KXer Iambic paddle for the Elecraft KX-1 transceiver.

KXer Operation Manual - Non-Iambic (*)  This is the current version of the instruction manual for the KXer non-iambic paddle for the KX-1 transceiver.


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