A note of interest...

To my former customers, to those who have been waiting a long time, and to others interested -

    When I started making keys for my fellow hams several years ago, I overestimated the time I had available to do this on a "hobby basis."  The "day job" did take up a lot of time.  I have recently retired and am trying to get back into production, which should happen sometime this spring.  I know there are some people who have been waiting a long time for a specific key, paddle, or bug, or who have indicated a general interest.  My plans are to produce no faster than my time and quality criteria will allow, but to try to keep up a steady output.  If you are still interested in obtaining a Parkwood instrument, please drop me a line at 

wb9lpu at earthlink dot net   OR   wb9lpu  at  gmail  dot  com

and help me sort out my lists - remind me of the product that you are interested in.  In the near future I will have PDF brochures attached to the website. 

    Thanks again for all of the support and patience you have shown.

    73 de Rich, WB9LPU