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A Chaotic Collection of Keys, Paddles, and Bugs

     As this site grows, pictures and files will be added to the Topic Pages, starting mostly with PDF files.  The sections that presently contain information are marked with the symbol (*).  Additional content will be added in the coming weeks.


October 2009 - A new and updated QRP straight key, the Parkwood Pup II.  (Click here for a look.)


Another New Feature - Click here for links to videos of some of the homebrew bugs in action. 

Some accessories for the new HB-1A QRP rig (PDF File)

September 2009 -  The PicoBug I is a smaller version of the NanoBug III.  A bit of trimming here and there led to a significant reduction in size.  Take a look here.

August 2009 - The NanoBug III joins the pack with some new ideas that seem to work well.  See it here.

July 2009 - Now the NanoBug II, made to try out some new ideas.  A description is here.

June 2009 - Introducing the NanoBug I, a very small semi-automatic key with some interesting design elements.  Click here for a look.

News for May 2009, from the Dayton Hamvention - Click here for Homebrew Contest results.

New for February 2009 - Click here to go to my new web site devoted to key construction projects.  There are lots of details and pictures there.

New as of Nov. 21, 2008.  The KXer PaddleKey, a non-iambic and straight-key function in the same instrument.

Click here for web page.

Click here for PDF download.

New - click here for the DoubleMax bug (May 9, 2008 - minor revisions Sept. 27, 2008)

The military key portion of the collection is still being photographed. 


  These were used on  SKN  2007...

  These keys worked for a living...

  These keys fought for a living...

  These keys were made for CW enthusiasts...

 These keys were made by a CW enthusiast...

 These keys helped to automate the art of CW...

  And there are lots more - click on the links to the right to see.

Last updated 10/15/09

Welcome to WB9LPU's Key Corner 

These pages (always under  construction) show some of my interests in the simple switches that we call telegraph keys.  Some really are simple, and some are delightfully complicated.  So browse around, hopefully enjoy, and return from time to time to see how the site has grown.

Each section is headed by a picture that shows a sample of the keys from the collection.  Clicking on any picture will enlarge it - use the BACK ARROW to return to the page. 


Topic Pages 

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KXer Manual (Iambic) (*)


Straight Key Night 2007-2008 (UPDATED 1/15/08)

 Straight Keys =======

Commercial and Non-Military Straight Keys  (NEW STUFF HERE AS OF 1/24/08)

Amateur Straight Keys (New stuff here as of 2/11/08)

Homebrew Straight Keys by WB9LPU  (NEW STUFF HERE, AS OF 1/15/08)

Paddles  ===========

Commercial Paddles (NEW STUFF HERE, AS OF 1/25/08)

Paddles Made by Amateur Hobbyists  (NEW STUFF HERE, AS OF 1/26/08

Homebrew Paddles by WB9LPU  (Some stuff added on 2/6/08)

Bugs  ==============

Commercial Semi-Automatic Keys  (NEW STUFF HERE, AS OF 2/7/08)

Bugs by Amateur Radio Craftsmen  (NEW STUFF HERE, AS OF 1/21/08)

Homebrew Bugs by WB9LPU (NEW STUFF HERE, AS OF 1/22/2008)


Novelty and Experimental Keys  (*)

The Guest Corner - Keys and articles by other craftsmen whose work you will appreciate (*)


Products ===========