Welcome to my Ham Radio website.

I have been involved in Amateur Radio since 1967. It was an important networking tool throughout my life after that, leading to meeting many people that I otherwise would not have known. Some of these contacts affected me in significant ways such as meeting the person who helped me get a job at the Laboratory where I have now been employed for over 30 years.

Years ago my high school peers thought it was strange to carry a small 2-way radio around (they were the size of a school book at the time). Now everyone carries a cellphone and doesn't think about it actually being a small radio. Ham radio operators are often ahead of their time.

Recently the world champion SMS message passers (cellphone texting) were pitted against a couple of Ham Radio operators using Morse Code. The old simple code and operators easily beat the latest cellphones with the best expert operators. Sometimes old technology is actually still pretty good.

Years before the internet was popular Amateur Radio was working with packet radio which is a variant of the internet over the radio, and the forerunner of WiFi.

Amateur Radio is an amazing hobby that can have tremendous impacts on your life. Copying an SOS or helping transmit emergency messages is an experience you never forget.

They say some big emergency is coming. Be Prepared. Get a Ham Radio license and learn to communicate. Someday it may be the most important thing you ever did.

-- Alan Biocca, holding extra class amateur radio operator license WB6ZQZ

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I have several other websites.

www.AntennaLaunchers.com is my Pneumatic Antenna Launcher website. These launchers are used to put lines high in the trees to elevate antennas for Amateur Radio and Emergency Services. Pneumatic Launchers are safer and more effective than other techniques for launching lines.

www.FDLog.info is my Field Day Logging program website.

www.HSFDG.org is my Field Day Group website.

-- Alan, WB6ZQZ