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My interests in amateur radio are varied.  I enjoy designing and building antennas and this page contains some of my designs and ideas.

I also enjoy operating HF and VHF DXing and contesting.

I'd say that 160 Meters is my favorite band in the winter and 6 meters is my favorite during the summer months.

HexBeam for six meters

This is a hex beam I designed for six meters.  It has three elements with a turning radius of 54 inches.   This antenna can be built from low cost materials available from the local hardware store.

The 3 element hex beam is a novel geometry which differs from the traditional 2 element folded "W" structures.  This three element hex beam has 8 dBi gain and a front to back ratio of greater than 20 dB from 50 to 50.500 MHz.   For a more detailed description of the three element 6 meter hex beam refer to 3elHex.pdf

For a  description of an alternate geometry  three element 6 meter hex concept and simulation report see: 3EleHexHat.pdf  This antenna has a turning radius of only 48 inches and has similar performance to the antenna shown above. 

Email me if you have questions or comments.

 73, Harry