Here you'll find information and resources for different styles of teaching and learning, inspired by interest and requests for information around PBL and thematic planning, although the site could eventually go beyond just these two models - that depends on you! There is a heavy slant toward the English (ELA) classroom but the resources here could be a useful starting point for any inquisitive teacher.

I'm a (full-time-Google-Apps-trainer-mother-of-two) teacher, just trying to gather and share what I've discovered about moving education toward a more fruitful and engaging experience. I'm no expert, but just enthusiastic to learn. If you are too, it would be great to have you on board.

This site was designed to be a collaborative effort, so please get in touch via the Contact page to get editing rights and add your own content.

Abena (site creator)  

Note: As many of the resource are from the US, visitors may not be familiar with their year grades, they are illustrated below. Also, bear in mind that that 'English' is often referred to as 'English Language Arts' or more commonly 'ELA'.

   UK   US  US label
   Year 7 Grade 6  -
   Year 8 Grade 7  -
   Year 9 Grade 8  -
   Year 10 Grade 9   Freshman
   Year 11 Grade 10  Sophomore
   Year 12 Grade 11 Junior    
   Year 13 Grade 12 Senior