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Way of Saint James: Esoteric

The Way of Santiago, is “the High street of Europe” and around him it has dreamed up the culture and European religion. 

Could you walk 760 Km. following the Milky Way? 

List to Pilgrims who want to do the Way of Saint James

Form to join the Way of Saint James

The Way of Saint James, an esoteric way.

The transmission of the popular Culture, was realised in base symbols and games, such as the Game of the Goose.

The deficiency of a common language, originated the different interpretation from the facts and its Legend conversion. The written culture, I am reserved to the Monasteries. The esoteric culture, mainly of " teachers constructores" he appears in the sculptures of Monuments of the Way

The Way of Saint James is a book.

The Way of present Santiago is Open book, with a writing encriptada and only decodable by the experts. In the development of the Way, the group of the Construction Initiates, put fundamental Marks and Keys, easily decodable by the members of their groups and difficult interpretation for the rest of the mortals. The studies, say to us that these signs basically represent: Divine Obra of the Creation. The Cult to Gaia, the goddess Earth. The Marking of the points where the Telluric Energies emanate.

From where comes the Name of Compostela?

The name of Compostela, is highly symbolic and it does not obey at random. The possible origins, are:

Christian version of Compostela: Field of Stars. The most accepted. In Latin " compositum" , it is cemetery. In Compostela one was Santiago, soon serious: sacred cemetery.

Alchemy: " compost". The producers of the Great Work, work in the Magical Kettle. When the work well was done was realised one " Estrella".

" Compos" in old languages it means " Maestro" ; that is to say, it would mean " Teacher of the Estrella".

Constelacion de Can MayorConstelación del Cisne

History of the name of Santiago de Compostela.

The history of Santiago, we have exposed already it previously. The esoteric interpretation, that absolutely denies, the primitive existence of Santiago Apostle, like objective of the peregrination for the Christians, but is based on the explanations: Of because ways have been followed certain? . The esoteric interpretations, based on: I finish French Santiago, is " Jacques" and in English " Jack". Both, were used like adjectives, to designate to wise men in the field of the constructions and geometry, oriented towards the sagrada architecture. The derivation in Basoue corresponds to " Jakin" and in Castilian towards " Jacques" or " Yago". To see " Way of the Ocas".

Like Beginning in the Esoteric perfection

To part of the verbal lessons, an Initiation was required perfectly that based on:

Development of the works Manuals: Constructors and Stonecutters. Including carpenters, sculptors, painters. The legacy of the Construction Teachers, is the marks left in their works, even can be tracked in many monuments.

Walking, syntony with the telluric currents. The initial footpaths took to the Finis Terrae, the Pilgrims to Santiago, they used those ways.

The first condition, frame the development of a blossoming of the Romanesque Art, in which we found multitude of symbols.

The second condition, previously defined the loaded ways of energies and by the most beautiful places, using the defined monuments that located their construction in these places of telluric energies.

Who chose these Ways?

It is surprising, verifying that the development of the French way, agrees almost, with total perfection with Parallel 42, in a route of This the West, always finalizing in the Sea.

Chance or disposition of an ample baggage, geodesic knowledge?

That attraction exerted on the initiatory centers " Finis Terray" .

It supposed to enter the Ocean of Deads, being followed the Way of Stars and to return to the Life.

The Way, this marking by the indication of the Milky Route, that is to say follow the Way of Stars and end at the constellation of " Dog Mayor". The geographic development, passes to a large extent, by Celtas territories, which adored the God Lug and denominated to the Milky Route: the Rainbow of the God Lug. The mythology of Lug represents, it like: wolf or dog and others like a crow.

Esoteric Tetratriangulación

They consider that a Triangle of telluric forces exists, formed by:

Main vertex: in Montes of Leon and Galicia, that is to say the Fertile valley surroundings of Valcarce until Or Cebreiro or perhaps from Villafranca del Bierzo - Vega de Valcarce- O Cebreiro.

Right vertex: Island of the Sun in the Titicaca Lake.

Left vertex: Uxmal in Mexico The Way, presents/displays sinfín of Chakras Telluric, that agrees with the most important points of the Esoteric Routes.

The Way of Stars, the Celestial indication of the Way of Saint James

It seems logical to think, that the pilgrims, followed the indications natural to at night guide until Santiago, following by day the Way of the Ocas and the Way of Stars. In the North hemisphere, during the warm nights of Summer, we can observe: Milky route happening through the Swan (Cygnus), the Eagle Eagle (Aquila) and the Shield (Scutum).

Milky route or the Way of Stars

The Way of Stars, this marking by the indication of the Milky Route, ending at the constellation of the “Greater Dog”. The Way of Stars, was the Map written in sky, that guided to us at night, of infallible way towards the “Finis Terrae”.

The Way of the Goose and its relation with the Way of Saint James

The cultures celtas and preceltas, maintained a symbol sacred, for their brotherhoods and brotherhoods: oca or goose, represented by the symbolism of the leg of oca, that when walking, leaves printed a very similar mark the tridente of Poseidón, that was determinative of all those atlantes cultures. The Way of Stars agrees with the Way of the Goose and the Shell.

When the first Christians begin to peregrinate to Santiago, are whereupon the settlers of the Way, have deep traditions and speak of a Way of the Goose or Stars and of a Field of the Stars, at which he arrives himself by a labyrinth that is necessary to cross to renew on the inside. These experiences are impossible to start; and what they do it is to cristianizar them. Ordenes, that is going away to order to cristianizar them, is mainly: Cluny, Cister and the one of Temple, that as of Century X, is in charge of the constructions, that are equipped with a symbolism in accordance with the Christianity.

It is thus, like those old symbols: the star, the shell, the leg of oca, the crow, the wolf, the dog, is adopted as Christian symbols and are gotten up to the Christian peregrination. If we superpose two legs of the Oca, one upwards and another one downwards, we obtain the X and the bar that the short one vertically, obtaining the X and with the P (Ji and Ro: it initiates to them of the name of Christ).

The Goose: Transmitters of the sagrada wisdom?

Formerly, the Ocas was the guardians of the houses, alerting of the presence of intruders, with the scandalous noise who produced.

The Ocas, was considered the paradigm of the Sagrada Wisdom. One was based on the belief that the Ocas, Geese or Geese, were the sagradas guides, shipments to advise to the Humans.

The swan is a symbolic bird of the esoterismo and has been used often by the spiritualist writers of East and the West. The Eastern ones, called to the sacred swan “Hamsa”, that is directly related to the creative God Rutting, being this one “Hamsa-Vâhana” or “Vehicle of the Swan”.

For that they wish to free itself, the way of the initiate-swan, is a safe footpath of evolution towards the light. The Ayo, Educator or Teacher were well-known like Goose. The Jars Teacher means: the goose that teaches, Jakin (Basque) means: wisest.

The Way of Saint James, following the route of the Goose Wild

The Ocas Wild, has seasonal and stable migratory routes and defined the calls Ways of the Ocas. These routes, agree with the Way to Saint James or Way of Stars.

It is possible to ask to us if the migrations of the Goose, marked a way that followed the Route Milky or Way of Stars and used it as guide to the Pilgrims to arrive at Santiago.? It seems logical to think, that the pilgrims, followed the indications natural to at night guide until Santiago, following by day the Way of the Goose and the Way of Stars The old pilgrims, did not have Maps nor Guides and they moved in a hostile world, marked by the existence of: multiple kingdoms, feudal gentlemen, different languages, religions and customs, basing its peregrination on the aid of: Churches, Monasteries and Refuges. The oral information, transmitted was based on datum points, that they had to be located and in the route through footpaths signalized by astronomical elements, geographic or migratory: Way of the Ocas, Way of Stars….

Throughout the Way, he is frequent, to find the symbol of the Leg of the Oca. One assumes, that he was one of the symbols used by the Construction Teachers of the Churches and Cathedrals.

Geographic areas of the Way of the Goose with great influence in the Way of Saint James.

In the route of the Way of Santiago there are two zones, in which populations with name persist of: Oca, Goose, Goose, Unit of capacitance…

The La Riojan zone of Villafranca Montes de Oca.

The Berciana zone from Goose to Fertile valley of Valcarce.

That relation keeps the Game from the Goose with the Way to Saint James.

The Game of the Oca, is based on a Spiral or Caracol, divided in 63 squares. The Leg of the Oca and the Caracol were the symbols of the “Construction Companions”, who raised the churches of Romanesque style, being but beautiful and the esoteric ones, the ones in charge by the Templarios. Each one of the Squares in which this divided the Game of the Goose, bears a relation to the Stages from the Way of Saint James.

The game of the Goose, was memorised and exercised, so that it did not forget, becoming Guía of the Way for the Initiates, so that each square marked a stage and its beginning and end were clear by the Labels that left the Teachers Construction as marks.

The Knight Templar, had prohibited by their Rules, the games of Dices and Chess. The Game of the Goose, was not a Game for the Knight Templar, was Guía, Guía of the Way of Saint James, that turned into Game, for Not initiated.

In the Way of Saint James, we have considered that relation, for the design of the Stages.

Who was Maria Magdalena?

Next we reviewed different different hypotheses and studies, many of which are not shared by the author.

Maria, natural of Magdala, well-known like Maria de Magdala or Maria Magdalena, is Santa more mentioned by the Gospellers.

Surpassing in appointments, to the mother of Jesus, the Virgin Maria. It, makes suppose, that it had a crucial importance in the life of Jesus. With certainty, we know that:

* Maria de Magdala, was the sister of Marta and Lazaro, the man to whom I revive Jesus: Lazaro, rises and walks. * The woman, from whom Jesus I expel seven demons. * The woman, that I wash and dry with its hair the feet of Jesus. * She is the first person, to whom he appears Jesus, after revived. * In certain passages, Jesus says itself, that, I expel from Maria seven demons. * Sinful he did not mean Prostituta. Perhaps, the bad translations between the different languages, have assigned a paper to him that never performance. The fariseos, denominated sinful, to all woman who did not observe the farisaicos rules. Therefore sinful, it cannot be assimilated to prostituta. * Wife. The Talmud, considered sinful, to all woman whom it gave to eat his husband, because these foods did not pay the tithes. Now it is possible to ask to us: She was sinful, because it maintained his husband, Jesus?

Studies and Conjectures on Maria Magdalena.

Studies, that offer to us to Maria Magdalena, like conspirator, to save Jesus, of the death by Crucifixion exist.

The crucified ones, took two or three days in dying by asphyxia, due to the difficulties that appear when inspiring and expiring.

It was custom, to end the life of the same, breaking the tibias and the skull to them. To Jesus, they did not break any bone to him and the verification of his death, is realised lanceando it, in the right side of the flank.

Jesus, was crucified on the 11 in the morning and when they off-hook the body, he is around the 3 of afternoon, that is to say, remained crucified four hours.

The defenders of these theories, argue, that the Magdalena and its accomplices, between whom would be Jose de Arimatea, Nicodemo and other important and influential personalities, were able to bribe the guardians: in order to delay execution, of form, that Jesus remained the minimum crucified time and to administer the drugs to him would sleep that it, to give the sensation to be dead. Famous hiel with vinegar, that approaches to him the mouth, serious a drug, that produces a deep effect of drowsiness.

Admirer, Loving and Wife of Jesus Christ:

Flight and establishment in Kashmir

That the Magdalena, had a great influence in the life of Jesus, is something unquestionable.

The mentioned theories next, are only theories and we did not attribute more value to them, than the interest that provokes in the reader:

Certain authors, defend that the Magdalena was the woman of Jesus.

I contribute completely, to save it of the death by crucifixion and both left Judea, in the direction of Kashmir, thus avoiding to the Roman armies.

Like proof of it, they present/display, the oral tradition and the funeral monument existence certain, that could be the tombs of Jesus and Maria Magdalena.

Establishment in France travels and

Other sources, think that after the Crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus, Maria Magdalena, I travel to Europe, entering by the South of France.

The Calixtino, mentions very textually “took celibate life during some”. It gives foot, to think, that as of” some years”, it could even maintain relations and descendants. later, in the way that by San Leonardo de Limoges goes to Santiago, it is had to exactly venerate by the pilgrims dignísimo body of Santa Maria Magdalena, in first I finish. This is, because that one glorious Maria who in house of the Simón leper watered with her tears the feet of El Salvador, combed its hair reverentemente it reverentemente anointed and them with precious ointment, kissing them; thus “their many sins were pardoned him, because master much” to whom to all mistress, that is to say, Jesus Christ, its Redeeming one. This is, after the Sunday of Ascent of the Gentleman, from territories of Jerusalem, arrived by sea with San Maximino, disciple of Christ and with other disciples of the Gentleman, to territories of Wins, by the port of Marseilles; and in that one earth it took celibate life during some years and finally in the city of Aix it was buried of hands of the same Maximino, bishop of the city. After long time, then, a horseman, sanctified by its monacal life, Badión call, transfer its most precious rest from this city to Vezelay, where until the day he rests in honorable grave. In whose place he exists a great and beautiful Church and an Abbey of monks. And by love of her their sins to the sinful ones are pardoned them by the Gentleman, to the blind gives back the view to them, loosen the language of the dumb ones, the quadriplegic ones are yerguen, the demons get rid and they are distributed to other innumerable benefits. Their solemn celebrations take place the 22 of Julio.

Santo Grial: The glass of Ultima Dinner or the descencendencia of Christ

Another hypothesis, is that Maria Magdalena, was the woman of Jesus and being pregnant woman, I travel to France, giving to light to a daughter. Maria Magdalena, becomes the carrier of Santo Grial (Sangraal), “Real Blood” of her crucified husband.

This theory, gives rise to the Merovingios, like direct descendants of the ancestry of Jesus. The maximum exponent of the Merovingia dynasty, is Clodoveo I (466-511), that adopts like symbol the Flower of Lily.

During the Crossed I, the throne from Jerusalem is offered to Godofredo de Lorraine, alleging that it was a Merovingio piston rod. Godofredo, died soon after, without to have accepted the throne, happening to him its brother Balduino I, who acceptance the title of King of Jerusalem.

The Game of the Goose: The guíde of the Way of Saint James

Always, the relation of the squares of the Game of the Oca with the Stages of the Way of Santiago has been known.
However, the knowledge was minimum and it was limited to identify certain squares like:
The Square the Puente= With the locality of Bridge Reina
The square the Oca = With the locality of Goose …
According to our studies, the mentioned allocation is erroneous and unique, the idea of the correspondence between the squares and stages are considered aceertada.

Board of the Game of the Goose, the Guide of the Way of Saint James.

The Board, has Square Form and takes drawn a spiral that this divided in 63 squares, numbered from the 1 to the 63. Each square has a drawing and rules.

There are 24 squares, that they have assigned to figures and fixed rules. The other squares vary and can show different reasons.

The outward journey, would be represented by the 32 initial squares, that represent the 32 stages of the Way.

The return trip, corresponds to squares 33 to 63.

That is to say, the Board of the Game of the Goose, is Guide of Roundtrip of the Way of Saint James. To see elcaminoasantiago.com. Designed according to the relation of stages marked by the Game of the Goose.

The Board of the Game of the Goose, has the same philosophy of Disco de Phaistos, it is possible to be said that the squares or stages from 1 to 32 would be in a face and in the other face they would be from 33 to 63.

The board of the Game of the Goose, is an inverted projection of Disco de Phaistos, necessary to simplify it and to turn it into a game that was from easy understanding, to reach a fast diffusion. The interpretation of the symbols, corresponded to the initiates, the town played without knowing the meaning.

The game, was essential not to forget the structure of the Board and of the meaning of the symbols, we remember that we are speaking of a guide nonwritten, but symbolic. For a moment, to think about the difficulty that to us the memorization of the banking keys, Internet, mail presents/displays, etc…

The Symbols, were popular and of easy reproduction, it allowed to resolve the language problems. The Board, in fact did not exist, was the structure of the Board, which was known, because in fact, he was drawn on any surface: slate, outlines on earth…

The marks of the churches, were the posters that indicated the places indicated in the board.

To see: Relation between the Squares of the Game of the Goose and the Stages of the Way of Santiago.