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                                 PROFILES OF PRACTITIONERS AND TEACHERS


ary Bower  

 Chiron Healing®Teacher, Practitioner and Gestalt Psychotherapist 

Testimonial by Dawn Mead: I began studying Chiron Healing® with Rosemary in 1994. Her beautiful Practice is situated in one of the most scenic and ecologically diverse parts of Australia, Maleny, Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland, and this is where she exudes her energy. It was there where my journey of finding my true self began to emerge. Rosemary's unconditional support through her healing work and also in her teaching has changed my life. My experience of Rosemary is that she is passionate and dedicated to her work, she fully engages with her clients and students, giving of her gifts and knowledge.  Now as Practitioner I realize that she not only taught the techniques and learnings of the curriculum but she lives  it and really walks the talk with tireless commitment, strength and dedication.  
(photo Gararagua, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania).     
How and where did your journey to discovering Chiron Healing®  begin.
My Chiron Healing(R) journey began within the continuum of a healing journey that first began in Japan in my early twenties, with Soh Tai (a Japanese form of energy healing). Natural healing has always made complete sense to me.
How long have you been a Chiron Healing®  Practitioner/Teacher.
I have been a Chiron Healing®  Practitioner and Teacher for over 25 years. I was fortunate to have Trevor Creed as my first Chiron Healing® Teacher. Trevor was an exceptional  and inspiring teacher. I later continued my education with Jan Thomas, the founder of Chiron Healing® . I learnt from Jan for many years and this then developed into a close friendship. It was clear that there was so much depth of theory knowledge and application in this modality. It made sense and it felt right. I am moved by the grace and groundedness of it.               
You also work as a Gestalt Therapist.
In 2007 I graduated with a Masters in Gestalt Therapy (Psychotherapy). This had been a dream of mine for many years. When working with these two modalities my understanding of energy forms the foundation of my awareness that I take into all aspects of my life.
 What are your other interests in Life. 
I am an aspiring adventurer. Travelling is always a great joy for me. As I write this my mind wanders to a beautiful, very peaceful beach on Zanzibar Island. I am at peace in nature.  I am happy and feel light being by the ocean and soothed walking through the forest. I thoroughly love the theater and contemporary dance performances often move me deeply.
There is so much rapid change in our world and as we are all interconnected .... we are all in this together.
To arrange an appointment, to join a class, or for further information contact Rosemary (Australia +61) 07 54943 069.

Heiko Rudolph

Chiron Healing®Teacher, Practitioner 

In 1993 I met this guy who waved his hand in the air around me. I went home, fell asleep and felt a LOT better. His name was Trevor Creed, he told me he was working on my energy body, my aura. He could feel the energy of the body. He had a brochure of how to look after your own energy (clear & protect). I didn't want to depend on him so I learned how to do it myself.
That was 1993, Jan brought through more and more information and I was fascinated. I knew energy from Chinese Chi-Gong but this Chiron Healing
(R) was very interesting.
How long have you been a Chiron Healing®  Practitioner/Teacher. 
I have been learning since 1993.  In those early days everything was open and fluid.  I  didn't get formally fully 'qualified' until 2010. In 2005 Jan taught the Chrone knowledge. Now the healing circle was complete.
What inspires you drives you and makes your heart sing.
Writing, travel, intuitive work, experimenting with energy.
I live in Hong Kong.  My Chiron /Chrone website is here.  contact:

Dawn Mead 

Chiron Healing(R) Practitioner, Brisbane

Mob: 0409420371


Dawn enjoys her work, it’s her passion and she has a deep desire to assist people in aligning on levels.  Her first introduction to Chiron Healing® was in 1994 with Rosemary Bower. Rosemary has been her teacher mentor for over 20 years.  Here is what Rosemary has to say:

 Dawn has a gentle and thorough way of working. She is intuitive and compassionate and has a surprising candour and honesty, which tends to have the effect of normalizing a situation, allowing the client the opportunity to open to deep healing. Dawn works from a place of wide acceptance and self-awareness, which brings an authenticity and deep heartedness into her healings. Dawn uses her senses beautifully to hone into the energy pattern, locating areas that need work to restore the flow of energy.” Rosemary Bower, Practitioner, Teacher

Dawn draws on a magnitude of experience from her background in Psychotherapy, Allied Health and Welfare work.  

For more information contact her directly  or visit  

Larraine Crawshaw 

Chiron Healing®Teacher**, Practitioner, Chiropractor, Director of Chariclo Pty Ltd 

How and where did your journey to discovering Chiron Healing® begin?

As I look back on my life’s journey, the first steps in my journey to finding Chiron Healing® began in early childhood. It seems that step by step I have been guided along a pathway to finding it - again. I say “again” because I strongly feel that I've found my ancient “home” in the Chiron family of today.

I was raised in a loving and nurturing home by parents who lived “naturally” and did whatever they could to help others, and their influence on my early life set the tone for me to become a healer. Family illness led me to discover and work with alternative healing methods, and after various attempts at different occupations, I decided to become a chiropractor. I graduated in 1981 and went to work with Dr Trevor Creed in Warrnambool. While I was working there, I met Jan Thomas (then Reading) and was fortunate enough to be included in the first Chiron Healing® group there. Jan became my friend, teacher, mentor and healer, and in the following years an even deeper friendship developed as she guided me to allow my gifts to emerge and my true self to open. My greatest gift from Chiron Healing® has been in finding and following my life’s purpose. Of course I've had amazing physical healing experiences, verging on miraculous, but over time, the clearer my energy pattern became, the easier it was to see what I needed to do with my life. I later became qualified as a Chiron Healing® Practitioner and Teacher and spent many years working closely with Jan to develop the Chiron principles, philosophies and techniques into the Chiron Healing® modality that it is today. I continue to honour her work in my Chiropractic and Chiron Healing® clinic, and by helping out with the Australian Energy School of Chiron (AESC).

What is your involvement with Chiron Healing® now?

Most of my life revolves around Chiron Healing® in one way or another. As well as working in my clinic a couple of days a week, I also run Chariclo Pty. Ltd., which sells all of the Chiron Healing® products online. That keeps me busy and I enjoy the interaction with customers from many parts of the world. From 2012 until 2017 I worked as Administrator of the Australian Energy School of Chiron (AESC) and I am proud of the achievements we managed to obtain during that time. I am happy to see that Chiron Healing® is continuing to grow and spread into different countries, and proud to know that I played a small part by putting into place the systems and procedures to facilitate that. I continue to do whatever I can to ensure that the spiritual aspects of Chiron Healing® are respected and retained, not only in the work we are all doing, but within all Chiron Healing® education.

What inspires you, drives you, and makes your heart sing?

I enjoy a lot of things in my life - children, nature, my work, genuine people, the sea, lakes and rivers (anywhere there’s water), different types of art and music (my daughter and son taught me to appreciate those), the company of friends, good food, reading, and even watching cricket!  I’m inspired by people who triumph over adversity and who retain a sense of grace through hardship. I don’t actually feel “driven” any more in my life, although I certainly felt that way as a younger adult. I’m able to acknowledge that there’s a reason for everything, and even if I can’t see that reason, I can accept that it is there. I've also been able to find a place of Peace and Tranquility inside, and so no matter what happens around me, I can access that calm place. The thing that makes my heart sing most of all is my family, especially watching my grandchildren grow and learn, and being able to observe the world through their eyes.

You also work as a Chiropractor?

Yes, I first became interested in chiropractic after I saw the amazing turn-around in my mother’s health when she was very ill. Later, I saw my son turn from a constantly sick “hyperactive” child into a normal, happy and healthy young boy, albeit a very active one!  I work with both Chiropractic and Chiron Healing® in my practice. By having a deeper understanding of what’s happening in the etheric pattern, I am able to work at a deeper level with clients to achieve their health goals. I never combine the two techniques into one, I always separate them. I respect each modality for what it is, and find that each compliments the other to achieve a better outcome.  I love working with clients through difficult health challenges, watching their energies start to flow and function better, and to enjoy with them the ease that it brings to their physical bodies, and to their day-to-day function and well being.

I run my own multi-disciplinary clinic in Ballarat, and work there two days a week.

What are your other interests in Life?

Gosh, there are so many things I like to do, and so little time to do them! I started travelling later in life, and have been fortunate enough to travel overseas several times - to the United Kingdom, through parts of Europe, and to parts of the United States. I've seen many parts of Australia, although I’d love to see more.

I also enjoy handcrafts, although I haven’t done a lot recently. My most recent project was compiling a photo album for each of my children showing their lives from birth until adulthood. It was wonderful re-living the memories of their growing up years. Another great interest for me is genealogy, and I can sit at the computer for days on end when I am hot on the trail of an elusive ancestor!  I’m a member of the Descendants of Convicts group, and also the Port Phillip Pioneers group, as my ancestors were some of the very early pioneer settlers here. Genealogy is a fascinating pastime, a great way to lean about history, and very addictive!  More recently I have started a back yard garden, and grow some of my own vegetables and herbs.  I feel a connection with Mother Nature when I'm i my garden, and it gives me a great deal of pleasure.  I have lots of other things I want to do when I find time, like rekindling my interest in painting, and perhaps even a bit of writing, however those things will emerge in their own perfect time.

** I am not an active Teacher of Chiron Healing® courses at this time as my days are taken up with my clinic work and Chariclo Pty Ltd.

To arrange an appointment  please call “Lydiard Chiropractic” on 03 5332 6526 (Australia +61)                                                                                                                  

For information about Chariclo P/L contact Larraine on  03 5333 1484 (Australia +61) or e-mail

Corine Magnenat

Chiron Healing® Practitioner, Teacher based in Europe

  Corine Magnenat is currently the only teacher and practitioner in France and Switzerland.  She works mainly with absent healing and     
  sometimes in a clinic in Geneva and Val-de-Ruz place.

  How did your Chiron Healing® journey begin.

  I changed all my life when I met this beautiful healing tool.  I had my own fiduciary office and became a healer because my hands speak to me and so   I listened to that. Now I have my name in the Swiss book of healers and enjoy helping people day after day. I taught French  for a long time, but now      take a break.  During this time I did a lot of presentations of the Chiron Healing® techniques in Spain, Switzerland, Geneva, Lausanne and  Fribourg.  I  usually teach in Geneva Switzerland or where people ask me to such as Bruxel.

What are your other interests in life.

My interests are the philosophy of life, of the soul, which is very important for me.  I try to understand more each day and more about my own truth.

What do you aspire to and makes your heart sing. 

I'm working on a new plan of healing, because life is movement some new information comes to me.  I aspire to walk and contact more the beautiful earth, the elements and the people who feel the importance of changing the materialism of our century.

Contact Corine on 00 41 79628 34 62    Email

Dr Trevor Creed 

Chiron Healing®Teacher and Practitioner. 
To all who knew Trevor: 
Trevor CREED passed away on on the 11 March 2015 in Warrnambool.
The Chiron Healing® community sends their love and caring to his family. 
Thank you for all you did and for all that you wereTrevor. 

Connie Mei-Hua Lo

Chiron Healing® Teacher, Practitioner, Soul Astrologer, Translator

How and where did your journey to discovering Chiron Healing® begin.

I always being attracted to mysterious things in life since I was very young. I started my healer’s path as an aromatherapist since 2003, and then I met Chiron Healing® in 2006 in Taipei. My first Chiron healing session 'blew my mind', and it also put me on my unique Chiron healing journey all the way through. Especially in addition to the professional training, I was able to participate the development of Chiron Healing® in Taiwan in the past few years. Especially It’s has been really a privilege and a tremendous honour to work on Mandarine translation of Chiron Healing® and Chrone Materials and workshop interpretations. These experiences really help me a lot when later I become a teacher. And recently I’ve found that just as an old Chinenes saying that 'teaching is learning', not only through doing sessions, but also teaching Chiron healing and Chrone to inspire people is really a fantastic way to growth.  

What is your involvement with Chiron Healing® now.

Currently my involvement with Chiron Healing® covers a wide spectrum in Taiwan. Besides as a Chiron Healing® practitioner, teacher, I am also a member of IACHI committee, and the manual translator and workshop coordinator. I love to share and help people all over the world to understand and benefit from what I learned and experienced in Chiron Family.

You also work as an Astrologer.

I fall in love with Astrology since I was teenager. Astrology is a knowledge of the universe, in Mandarin we describe it as "poetry written in the night sky". I also see 

astrology as an important and powerful tool for the soul to explore this world, to expand consciousness and get insights, in order to achieve the wholeness and balance. Astrology helps us to see the bigger picture, and find our own position and purpose within the big scheme. We must reconnect to the gaia, the stars and the universe, so that we can live in the well-beingness between the sky and the earth. It helps to raise consciousness, and therefore also another approach of healing. Actually, I use Chiron Healing and Astrology work side by side to inspire and help people in many levels. 

What inspires you and makes your heart sing. 

I enjoy the moment that I find myself is experiencing the mysterious connection with the universe, and the oneness with people I love, or the trees, the stars, the nature, through dancing, chanting, meditation etc.

What are your other interests in life?

I am an amateur belly dancer, I see it as an spiritual work and want to dance for the rest of my life.

My location base is in Taipei, Taiwan. I can communicate with Mandarin, Cantonese, English and Japanese. I travel worldwide and started to teach Chiron Healing in Hong Kong since 2015. To arrange sessions, workshops etc in your local place, please feel free to contact through:  Phone: +886 927 670 683 or Visit: 

Helen Joy Buck

Chiron Healing® Teacher/Practitioner

How and where did your journey to discover Chiron Healing® begin?

I attended an aromatherapist that was also a Chiron Healing® practitioner. She use to always hand me the Chiron Healing® ‘Clearing & Protection’ brochures when I had aromatherapy treatment with her. One time after a treatment I was asked if I would like to attend a Chiron Healing® workshop. I was so relaxed I think I just said yes. The next memory I have is attending the workshop where I experienced my first Chiron Healing® session. Thinking about it now, I realize how important and essential it was for me to learn the Chiron Healing® skills.

How long have you been a Chiron Healing® Practitioner/ Teacher?

I became a Chiron Healing® Practitioner in 2008. I received my first Chiron Healing® Teachers certificate in 2013.

Do you have a favourite ancient essence and why?

I love all of the ancient essences. The first one I ever used was Dirogenia Essence, which is used for disconnecting situational fibers/cords. I think this essence is very appropriate for me because of the type of “empathet” that I am.

What are your other interests in life?

Meditation. I have written many guided imagery meditations with an Earth Healing focus. These meditations are published in a book called “ Earth Healing Meditations Guided Imagery for Groups" by Helen Joy Buck. I have also had them recorded and backed with beautiful music. Available as CDs & download at or search Helen Joy Buck on itunes.   

To arrange an appointment or for further information call Helen Joy Buck on (02) 48223397 in Goulburn NSW Australia or visit

Liu, Meng Ling (Maureen)

Chiron Healing® Teacher/Practitioner

How and where did your journey to discovering Chiron Healing® begin

One day in 2008, I had a Chiron healing session by a Chiron student. In that day afternoon, I felt my knees got very nice than before. At the same time my heart beat became normal and silent, it always beat noisily and irregularly before the treatment. Two months later, I joined the Chiron Healing® Level 1 course. I must say it really changed my life totally. 

What is your involvement with Chiron Healing® now

On October 2014, I just got the permission of being a Chiron Healing® Level 1 teacher. And I prepare to co-teach Chiron Healing® Level 2 in nearly future. 

What are your other interests in life

Reading is my favorite thing and I always buy a lot of books every month. My other interest is watching movies. I can know a lot of stories of other people through this way. And I love stories. Also music, I do love sacred songs or melodies.

What do you aspire to and makes your heart sing. 

I always change my consciousness by cleaning, protecting myself. To stay within the source and to be close to Gaia is very important to me. Also, every time when I go climbing, as I finally climb onto the top of the mountain, I can feel the God, Guides, Elements and the Earth Mama are really take care all of us. It really touches my heart.

Please contact me by email of  

Or on Mobil phone: +886 958292332. My blog is:


Rosemary Plunkett

(also known as Shi Shan Yuan)

Chiron Healing® Practitioner
I am an original Earthling, experienced my past lives here on planet Earth. Born in a remote hill station in the Himalayan mountain’s to Burmese-Irish loving parents; came to London as a refugee from Burma in 1948
      My practice started in my home in 1989: located south of the City of Manchester, UK; five miles from Ringway airport; come and relax in my quiet conservatory overlooking a peaceful tree-filled garden and close to a sacred oak grove.

Why I wanted to become a Chiron Healing® Practitioner:
My mother and her three sisters were all highly skilled nurses; I wanted to learn to use healing skills, change people's wounds in a safe and protected way without using traditional surgery or drugs.

How did I find a Chiron Healing® teacher:

I met Gwynneth Campbell, signed up for weekly Chiron Healing® sessions. Two years later Jan Thomas encouraged Michael Webb to visit the UK and he committed to annual visits to be our
local teacher. I bless all their support and feel a warm connection with Jan

The teachers I know and value:

Jan Thomas, Gwynneth Campbell, Michael Webb, Corine Magnenat and my Mentor and Supervisor Debbie Sawtell

What inspires me:
Daily finding a new part of me and clients. Having a quest for more knowledge.

What drives me:
My passion to live in the present; correct my addiction of “Rescuing" and learning to bond with Meg my rescue dog and give her a fulfilled life

What makes my heart sing:
A client who arrives with pain's in mind and body and leaves smiling; and Meg's eyes

Other skills I use daily:
Clinical Reflexology, Past Life Regression, Counselling, Numerology, Dog Therapy, EFT

What are my other interests:
Discovering the wonders of being a great grandmother; enjoying good home-cooked food,
designing and sitting in my garden, reading and writing stories, and living with three dogs

Dee Leamon

Chiron Healing® Practitioner and Reflexologist

How and where did your journey to discover Chiron Healing® begin?
I first learned of Chiron Healing(R) when I attended an "Introduction to Chiron Healing(R)" talk by Trevor Creed in Melbourne. 

How long have you been a Chiron Healing® Practitioner?
I've been practising for 15 years now.

What inspires you and what makes your heart sing?
The love and friendship of those around me.

Do you do any other type of healing work?
Yes - Reflexology and Qigong.

What are your other interests in life?
Yoga, Qigong, Bike riding, Movies and Travel.

You may contact me at:
165 Progress Road, Eltham North, Victoria. Australia. 3095.
Ph:  03 9431 1183 
or  0411 741 882