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3:47 E.S.T. Songbook

A piano/vocal songbook was published in 1977 by Warner Bros.
It is long since out of print.

The entire book has been scanned and is displayed at Klaatu.org.
Click here for the contents page where you can navigate through the songbook in a new window.
Close or swap the windows to return here.

Why do you need to come back here?
Because there are some errors and omissions in the book.

John Woloschuk told me there were mistakes in the songbook but didn't elaborate. I already knew about the wrong riff in Anus Of Uranus, True Life Hero being in the wrong key, the missing modulation in Rugglesby... and I was aware that arrangements designed for piano/vocal performance generally omit solo sections and simplify the bass parts.
Maybe John meant there were wrong chords?
After hunting further the errors list has turned into a guide to make the arrangements sound more like the recordings.
Click here for the enhancements.