Klaatu Stuff

The Kaatalogue
Chords, TAB, charts, sheet music, transcriptions. The online home for the music of Klaatu transcribed by Waynus Of Uranus.

Morse Code
The Morse code message from Sub Rosa Subway.

Terry Draper
Interview Southern FM December 2010.

Knee Deep In Words
A Krossword for fans who know their lyrics backwards.

A secret message from Klaatu in the Hope album.

Hanus Of Uranus
A table comparing the structure of the songs Hanus/Anus Of Uranus.

Little Neutrino
A comparison of the varying dynamics of each CD release.

The Loneliest Melody
An insight into the origins of one of the major melodic themes used on the Hope album.

3:47 E.S.T.Songbook
Some useful tips to get the most out of the songbook for the first album.

Discovering Klaatu
Personal account of the introduction to the music of Klaatu.