Cruise planning in Norwegian waters (web based info)

Temporary berths in Oslo area map

Charts and maps

Navionics on GOOGLE API
Worldwide except Denmark.

The Coastal Agency has a electronic chart page.

The Yellow pages has a service where you can view maps, charts and arial photos
A clean easy way to get an overview. Covers Norway, Denmark and Sweden.
GPS coordinates available.
Hold down shift key to mark area.

Nautical Paper Charts

The Norwegian Hydrographic Service has implemented a print on demand service.
It just means that resellers order what charts they need to put in their shelves. Printing becomes more streamlined and adjusted to demand. You have to be a little proactive when ordering charts as resellers might not stock as much as earlier.
Nautical Paper Charts
Distributors of Nautical Charts Abroad

Weather and tidal info
YR have a ocean forcast site with tidal info as well. Clicking here opens it up S of Lofoten.
    Use shift key while defining area under change place.
YR have a new mapping page. Opens here with wind for S Norway. Clicking anywhere on map brings up a scrollable marinogram.
    This application is coming out with new features all the time. One man implementing ideas as they pop up. Even has a great planning tool for measuring distance.

VHF channel plan for Norway.

Check out sub pages at the bottom of this page as well.

The following publications are invaluable in planning and executing your cruise

Norway, cruising guide by Judy Lomax, 3rd edition
Order online

“Any yachtsman even contemplating a visit to this loveliest of cruising areas could be considered negligent if he did not buy this book.” RHR, Cruising

One reader commented: '...The author finds it difficult to avoid superlatives when talking about Norwegian scenery. I find it equally difficult to avoid superlatives when talking about this book. I am impressed. Also most Norwegians may learn a lot of facts from this excellent book. This will remain a classic, and will come in new editions in the foreseeable future...'

Cruising in Norway

David and Judy Lomax

A beautifully illustrated introduction to cruising in Norway. Produced  to illustrate a lecture by David and Judy Lomax. Judy Lomax, the author of the RCC Pilotage Foundation book Norway has kindly allowed a link to be made available here.

English language guide for mariners to the coasts of Norway, Svalbard Bjørnøya and the west coast of Sweden.

Havneguiden on different platforms

Sail to Svalbard


Imray has it in stock

Svalbard is a reasonable accessible sailing dream for many people. With a fair wind it takes only three days 
from mainland Norway to reach Hornsund. From there on it is beautiful, but demanding sailing all the way. 
In the few summer months of 2010 80 skippers on sailing yachts where in the area, and the numbers keep rising. 
So if you want to experience some midnight sun, Polar Bears, ice, whalerus, seal, desolate anchorages and 
fantastic nature it’s time to set a date and start making plans. It will be worth all the effort and preparations. 
It will make you a better sailor and give you memories that will possibly fuel your dreams to go even further.

Sail to Svalbard is the most comprehensive cruising guide to Svalbard, and contains all the necessary information 
regarding preparations, permits, SAR, how to handle Polar Bears and all the harbours and wild anchorages.

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When preparing a cruise in Norway or while in the area, don't hesitate to contact if the need for assistance or advice is required.
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