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Yacht charter Norway

We can offer a variety of charter possibilities individually tailored for the ultimate experience.
If you are unsure about Norway as a cruising destination we offer introductory charters for those who would like a quick recce.

Norway, a lifetime of experiences.

Once you realize how much there is to explore and see here, you might want to maximize your stay by having your boat delivered.

Norselander 53, "SY Lioness"

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A Norwegian concept designed by Eivind Amble and brought to life in wood by Djupevåg Trebåtbyggeri.Luxury accommodation for up to 8 people in three cabins.

12m cruising version, "Le Cid"
60' classic yacht in superb form. Only 12m cruising version in Norway. Luxury accommodation for up to 8 people in three cabins.

X-Yacht 482, 2 identical boats, "Cutting Edge I and II"
Performance cruisers. Suitable for racing as well as cruising. Efficient luxury for 12 people in 4 cabins. Being identical, these boats are ideal for match racing at any level. A friendly one on one is a great way to activate and motivate. Large saloon and cockpit make for efficient catering. Unforgettable!!

Part of the best selling range of yachts in Norway. Find out why. Luxury accommodation for up to 6 people in three cabins.


These vessels are based in the Oslo fjord most of the year. At certain times of the year one or more will be based elsewhere on the endlessly diversified Norwegian coast. We will keep you posted.

If we can't accommodate you ourselves, we will introduce you to someone who can.

Fair winds.