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Northern Passage - 2010

Congratulations on N polar circumnavigation!!

A daring attempt to "sail" through both the Northeast and Northwest passages during the same season.
Focus is on the changing arctic.
On Midsummer’s Eve, Børge Ousland and Thorleif Thorleifsson set sail from Oslo.
Their speedy Corsair 31 UC trimaran survived the challenge of ice-filled Arctic waters, clearing both passages before they froze or got blocked! Now all they have to do is navigate the N Atlantic in October.

Above you will find a map showing their progress on this epic adventure. Clicking on each peg will bring up an entry for each position with links to Børge Ouslands blog.
Northern Passage - 2010 in  Google maps where each entry is listed as well. Scroll to bottom of list and choose previous for more entries! Zooming in and clicking more will give you information from Wikipedia along with pictures and video. Enjoy.

extent maptime series
Sea ice data updated daily, with one-day lag. Orange line in extent image (left) and gray line in time series (right) indicate 1979 to 2000 average extent for the day shown. Click for high-resolution image.
Learn about update delays and other problems which occasionally occur in near-real-time data. Read about the data
—Credit: National Snow and Ice Data Center

Links to other info sites

New video posted 15.10
Ouslands YouTube channel.
Ousland on twitter.

The Russian Expedition "Peter 1" which is attempting the same route can be seen here.

Links to weather and ice pages
For a comprehensive forecast and an explanation of current weather patterns, see Marc De Keyser’s blog.
            ....and let Neven dazzle you with some info on Arctic Sea Ice.

MODIS Arctic_r04c02 Subsets Satelite images of NW passage, N route. Opens on a clear day 09.09.10. Choose any day from calendar. 
MODIS Arctic_r04c01 Subsets Satelite images of NW passage, S route. Opens on a clear day 10.09.10. Choose any day from calendar. 

Viewing in Google Earth
By clicking the links below you will download KML files which you can open in Google Earth. This presentation is much the preferred one as it gives the global scale the endeavour deserves. Viewed along with the Sea Ice file you will appreciate their progress and choices along the way.
Remember that these files are static once downloaded and will need to be refreshed as new info is added.
     View 30 day sea ice in Google Earth  (Remember to use time slider in upper left corner in order to see current ice cover. Split the slider in order to save the time span. You can then seamlessly run an animation of the ice movement. Really cool and informative.)

image of Arctic ice concentrations on Google Earth

Sea Ice: Daily Concentration and Extent (AMSR-E Sensor) 
View the extent and concentration of sea ice for a recent period:

Past 30 Days (KML, 46 KB) 
Past 60 Days (KML, 84 KB) 
Past 90 Days (KML, 122 KB)

Data Source: AMSR-E/Aqua Daily L3 12.5 km Brightness Temperature, Sea Ice Concentration, & Snow Depth Polar Grids


How the Google Earth presentation looks/works (Kitchen table production)